The latest creature in our little home is this bear on our front door. Our building recently got mailboxes by the entrance so our throw-in won't be used any more and since cold air passed through it i temporarily closed it with newspaper and this little bear face

Everyone: ha ha -i find it so funny how many of you stepped out of the shadow to get your hands on Adelines beautiful ring! I have a lot of new blogs to visit! Be sure to visit Adeline Affres online store -maybe pick out a substitute if you don't win... monday is so far away!


Celine said...

hello little bear! that is such a good idea!
i love the peep into your house. The black accents are fab.

lina said...

oh i love your home : )

pretty bunting!
& i think it's funny how many people come out of the woodworks when a blog hosts a giveaway too : )

Hanna Ã…berg said...

people love to free stuff :D can't blame them (or myself...)

hope your wednesday is nice mette!

e said...

oh dear, stylish bear!

sopchan said...

Hello bear! Wow was the letterbox really big?!

gamze said...

hi, i always visit your blog, you can even check it on analytics by city,it's second one on my bookmarks. but your words here are a little bit unpleasant for me.i am not always commenting your posts but i always read them. and i am not interested in with your give away it was just so lovely to leave comment. thanks for the link so i can buy one of these rings without someone teasing.

Mymlen said...

i have been following your blog in a while and i just LOVE it! your home is so wonderfull and interesting.

come visit our blog :)