I can't wait until Elinor is old enough to read about moomin with me. She got this beautiful book with the first three moomin books in one for christmas. If you have never seen the original illustrations, you should really check them out.

Fenke: Yeah, thats why babies don't have fulltime jobs!
▶ Aredhel: good, that is tho whole point of this blog :)
Lisen: Rufus hates the snow too -too damn cold, even when we put on his jacket.
▶ E: Yeah, why is the snow being so selfish?? why don't you think about us snow? its so difficult getting around and you drag in a ton of snow. hate it
Celine: its a perfect little pout that she has perfected.
▶ Tilda: Elinors head has taken shape from her favourite positions too -its hard to keep them on their stomach when they make faces like that!
Crazed unicorn: Cool to hear from you! thank you for the sweet comment
▶ Ai: Thank you, most of her clothes are second hand
Louise: i like it when it snows, but a soon as the snow stops falling and is just all over in the streets, i hate it!
▶ Anne Kristine: Tak skal du have! måske skal jeg lave en guide. Det er helt tilfældigt hvad trekanterne måler og jeg har lavet forskellige tæpper med forskellige størrelser, så jeg har bare lavet en papskabelon i en tilfældig størrelse og så brugt den til at klippe efter. De her er vidst ca 10 cm høje
▶ Maikki: I know, we never have this much snow, but i can't help it, im dreaming of spring!
Marie + Jana: you are right -snow is better than rain!
▶ Louise: Ja, bysne er kedeligt! Jeg har købt de store trækugler i en hobbybutik på nettet og sat dem på en forlængerledning
Karen: Thank you for the sweet comment. You need a good pair of slippers to get through winter!
▶ Stine Marie: Tak skal du have for den søde kommentar!
La Sale Bete + Linn Marie: Thank you -we got the cups for our wedding and they are made by the little danish company Darkling
▶ la vierge noire: ouch that sucks!
▶ Provins: Ja, det er rigtig får, men de er fra netto for et par uger siden.


Søhesten said...

Mummibogen er så fantastisk. Jeg har lige foræret min niece den. Hvis min pige ikke får den, køber vi den selv en dag, for jeg er ikke sikker på vi kan undvære.

Emily Salomon said...

E er altså en heldig lille prut :)

Mette [Spitzenklasse] said...

De er så fine de originale tegninger - jeg har nogle af de gamle bøger fra 60´erne, men måtte også anskaffe mig de samlede striber i genoptryk.

Og har lige været på mumi-indkøb i Netto i dag.


Hannah said...

oh... I love Moomin!!! It's so nice to see those cute drawings again! Have to find the books in finnish so I can learn that language :)
I discovered your blog just a few days ago... and I must say I really like following it! your links also made me travel through a world of warm and familiar places!
thank you for sharing this! :)

Maria said...

Mumin in danish-how cute! :) and yes, the original illustrations are so nice.

e said...

oh. you can read it yourself, for D and for R ... and POOOF! then she will be old enough! i can understand your feeling though. I just read "Knyttet" to R:s daughter and I remembered all the songs/melodies to the text, so we sang them instead of read them. :) (she knew them as well)
(AND: Happy B-day moomin...birth...year !)

Indie Mom and the Reluctant Banker said...

We're pretty obsessed with Moomin too, that goes for both my daughter and myself. Personally I think it's the combination of eerie and cute that works so well.

Anyway, I've tagged you in a blog game, I hope you're up for it!

Golubka said...

Hello! Your blog is beautiful. I agree, the original illustrations are the best, I rarely like any other interpretations.

Dos Jenny said...

Hey! här kommer strumporna


Trula said...

Ever since my elder daughter was born I've been buying books to read with her ( I just can't stop myself) and I tend to go for the old ones, too.
Maybe at the age of 1 Elinor will enjoy turning (or ripping) the pages, while you read. That's not too much of a wait, is it?

Edun said...

Love those illustrations. Have put those new collections on my list of "must haves" ;p