nothing but babies

when i looked through my photos today all i had were baby pictures... she is cute, but maybe i should go out with my camera a bit more... :)

Louise Therese: Det er derfor du skal købe mig en!
▶ jokemijn: i love that i get to have a swing in my living room now!
Fenke: How cool! i know Louise bought it in Berlin so maybe its a german thing. She says its been totally "renovated" inside so its really really good!
▶ schorlemädchen: Yes its a really cool colour! why does everything have to be black white or silver now??
Søhesten: Og som du kan se, er louise også mindst lige så foreslket i min baby, som jeg er i hendes kaffekværn :)
▶ Veja Cecilia: yep! thank you IKEA (its a copy of a really expensive swing ;) )
Emma: uhh i have been wanting to cut my hair like hers for a long time but never actually do it!
▶ Martina: Thank you for your sweet comment! i can just say: face your fears! you will never feel ready for the responsibility of a little person, but luckily its okay to learn along the way! you and the baby will grow together!
Karin: Yeah the swing is great for all ages!
▶ Mary: i know. i have thought of stealing it!


cloé. said...

i er så søde! jeg kan godt forstå du kun har babybilleder. :)

STEFANIE said...

my my, she's grown a lot! :)

r said...

I know, but I do not have any pictures myself with the baby. only baby baby baby.

Maja B said...

Babyboble eller ej... det er en tid, der ikke kommer tilbage....;o))

Brit said...

I don't mind the baby pictures, it's fun to see how (quick!)she grows!!

Petr Matas said...

same here, I'm baby photographer for 14 months now, look at my facebook - there is nothing more than baby pictures

LISEN & STINA said...

oh no, stay inside until spring, its so much snow yet! (kan ni ens köra barnvagnen i all i snö?) then take the camera AND Elinor out! :)) Cause yes, she IS cute! This picture is lovley!