pen, pencil, stencil

these little wooden guys and their forest could move in with me any day! hoorray pen, pencil, stencil

▶ Schorlemädchen: The cups were a gift from us to our friends :) we have other cups by the same designer and they are just so delicious
stefanie: Rufus often takes positions where i think: That cannot be comfortable!
▶ Linda Love: mmmm....
Golubka: Go bake!
▶ Lina: I know -i love serving them to people and making them guess the special ingredient -they never do!
Sandra: He says he is okay with you cheating on johan!
▶ E: go bake! its an order!
Tara: thank you so much for the sweet comment!


Adeline said...

Funny :) I found them on internet a month ago and i LOVE them :D They make me think about the VITRA ones.

Trula said...

Oh, they can move in with us , too. Any day. They'd become friends with the MillerGoodman toys, I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, these Kokeshi dolls are ao adorably KAWAII!

sopchan said...

Haha, I was scrolling through the first picture, then the second, and had a sense of 'hooray' bubbling up inside me.. and then you said 'hooray' too! What else is there to say about these? Woop huzzar, wunderbar! :)

LISEN & STINA said...

Oh, Gustav showed me these some weeks ago, I fell in love.....he told me he was going to buy those wodden trees for me but the seemed to be sold out. But hey, its the thought that counts! :)

emma said...

cool and trés NICE ! reminds us a bit about alexander girard's people...! (link)