the weather is changing so i need to post my snow photos before its too late. for a while there you could almost walk to Sweden (a fact that brings up bad memories for us danes). It might just be wishful thinking that spring is on its way, but im willing to live the dream a bit.

▶ Kempt: yeah, everything that is good for you should come in the shape of a brownie!
Adeline: yes you are right -i didn't know the ones from Vitra
▶ Trula: I would really like to own some of those blocks as well!
Ai: we just bought new pacifiers for Elinor and they were called moshi moshi kawaii -they are very kawaii indeed!
▶ Brit: you should -you really don't taste the beans they just give them a nice spongy texture
Sopchan: what else could you say!
▶ Mieke Willem: im pondering a coffee-scheme! if i just sell 4 cups to my friends i could make a business out of it :)
Lisen: yes, its a pity they are all sold out! i wanted to make some my self! or maybe put my dad on the job!
▶ Emma: Oh, those are the ones from Vitra. they are very similar. these are just a bit more.. modern maybe.


Hannah said...

Great pictures, really :)
here the weather is changing too, and I'm so looking forward to spring! for now i'm just happy to see a little sunshine.

Anna Emilia said...

So beautiful colors! Here the very cold days are for now gone and I should remember that not all the layers of wool are needed.

Happy Saturday with an apple pie scent!

Sara said...

beautiful! but why does it bring up bad memories?

e said...


i'm dreaming as well. let's dream the dream together and it will be reality!

jonathan said...

*hey! i really like your blog! i`ve been visiting for a while now, but never said hi. so: hi! i`ll be coming back, for sure! *vigdis

Louise Therese said...

kender godt det der med timing, jeg finder altid på gode FB updates på tidspunkter, hvor jeg ikke kan opdatere. Så er man nødt til at vente et helt døgn/uge/måned/år med at poste den... Men virkelig fine billeder!

Anonymous said...

Walking to Sweden? This sounds interesting.

ingvild Telle said...

Virkelig flotte bilder!