ho li day

going on a teeny-tiny blog break! I order all of my readers to take even the smallest break where you do absolutely nothing! Ill be back soon!


easter silence

sorry for the slight silence here! happy easter holiday everyone! my legs are tired and im drinking coffee -thats a good combo.

▶ Everyone: thank you for the sweet comments about my grandfather! i just love the photo -its so amazingly captured in the moment you can almost feel it in your stomach! its a feeling you don't really get from digital photos. Can't wait to show you more.


the wall I

You might have seen it before - we have a wall in our kitchen covered with photographs and cut outs and i thought i would introduce you to some of the things on it.
This is a photograph of my grandfather -my fathers father. He is flipping pancakes over a burning tree log probably somewhere in Canada. This photograph represents my grandfather very well i think: the nonchalant way of flipping the pancake in the air with a pipe in his mouth over an impressive burning log in the great outdoors with a dog standing by hoping for a drop.

▶ Provins: ha ha -sejt! elsker overformelt engelsk!
Paula + Essi : Y E S
▶ Lea: Det gule tæppe er fra bibliotekshaven ved det kongelige bibliotek. Først tog jeg et billede af en enkelt lille erantis og da vi så gik et par skridt videre så jeg pludselig dette tæppe.
Gracia: I know! my eyes needs spring colours and my mouth needs good coffee!
▶ Alaina: such a nice memory
Mama D: thank you so much!
▶ Sandra: Wouldn't it be cool with a world wide coffee break!
MAria: ;)
▶ Hello Tiger: I only started drinking tea a year ago and im still sceptical!
Tara: Thank you! i am cursed: every time i see a picture of coffee or hear it mentioned i have to have some!
▶ Trine: your welcome! i hope you can assemble it :)
Emma: oh i so wanted to drink coffee outside today! it was sooo spring like!
▶ Karin: Thank you!
Lilla A: i know! i can't wait until i can drink coffee unlimited! even though i should probably stick to my two cups now that i have gotten used to it!
▶ Alice: oh i know those very well! so fantastic!
Lisen: Coffee is the best cure for headaches and only creates them slightly...


coffee break

coffee breaks are one of the best things in the world. (im voting spring too, btw)


winter > < spring

Winter or spring? i don't know what to think...

▶ Brit + Liz: it is only 1.99 -but you have to assemble it yourself which can be kind of tricky.
Maria: when ever i make a smoothie it think "why don't i do this everyday?"
▶ Lisen: its cheap and kind of a funny assembly project :)
Golubka: amen!
▶ Benedikte: he he -its the boxes where i keep my shoes because we like eating breakfast in the bedroom :) but they are good as a table!
Lina: i hope you did!
▶ Provins: der er meget indendørs camping over den lampe, men jeg er ikke helt god nok til kinesisk til at indstille den helt korrekt
Sopchan: yeah, you need a little concentration to get it right, but its sort of cool with a little technical project like that!
▶ Stefanie: we are - every day
Famapa: yes, i some times have to jiggle a cord to get it to work, but its worth it!


weekend (de)lights

raspberry smoothies and blueberry pancakes makes for a gooood weekend. i love weekends that are all about long breakfasts! more of those please! I would love for E to think of her childhood as one of many weekend pancakes. And we got our cosmos lamp! seconds after reading Famapas post about the lamp i pressed the "buy it now" button on ebay. Love it!

Mieke + Veronik + Kate + Brit + Epe + Kenn: When E gets older and self-concious and is mad at me for blogging about her when she was a baby, i will just show her your comments and she will know that she was adored all over the world :) (which probably won't help when she is a teenager....)
▶ Emma: How cool! I love that when you go to school, you some times learn things that makes you smarter than your parents!
Withney: oh your baby is soo sweet -they look a little like each other, don't you think?
▶ Siri: Thank you! it is so cool to see the progress! and it happens in so many different places!
B: uhh jeg er bange for at vi misser hinanden! håber dig og D får en god påskeferie alligevel!
▶ Sister brandt: tak -gooood weekend! (hey solen kom lige frem da jeg skrev det! skønt!)



She is getting so good at using her hands. soon she will be flipping pancakes :)

▶ Sandra: :) thank you, sandra!
Mel: im not sure, but we have had a very cold and long winter, so i think maybe that could be it.
▶ Lina: it is a really good way to spend time with your family and friends!
Janine: Im not really sure how you got from two swans that probably died of natural causes because of the cold cold winter to the killing of whales. And i don't think spreading the article you linked to is the best way of helping the animals. Greenland and the Faroe islands are not the same thing as Denmark and whale hunting in indigenous communities are complicated issues. The excessive hunting of all kinds of animals and the number of species going extinct are some of the most scary facts about the way we humans are living and how we are destroying the earth we should be protecting. But i don't think this article with its one-sided and non-constructive language and arguments will help the whales.
Melly: thank you!
▶ Brit: i love how beaches can be so different! there were so many rocks on the beaches of Sejerø!
Meyer-Lavigne: wish i could go back. right NOW!
▶ Maria: we are planning a getaway this summer too. Its such a nice form of vacation!
Svanna: mmmm..
▶ PaulaQ: yeah, for some people getting the smell of seaweed in you nose might not be a good thing, but i totally know what you mean.



a bit of a scary walk on the beach

Everyone: thank you for the sweet comments! it was just as it looked: cozy, relaxing, beautiful, sunny and very cold :)



our getaway took us to the small danish island Sejerø. The weather was almost spring like, the fireplace was exactly as warm and cosy as it should be and we made wonderful food, took walks and played cards :)

Emma: hi hi -well Amager where i live is an island -and copenhagen is on the island Sjælland -so almost all the time! but this is such a small island that is a totally different experience!
▶ Máni + Brit + Kim + Essi: would you believe that the breakfast was pretty much improvised? we cooked what we had which included 17 eggs and 5 kg oranges :)
La sale bete: can you tell that rufus runs almost like a jackrabbit?
▶ Annette: it was just plain old Sejerø in plain old denmark :)


outside the real world

We have been out of this world all weekend. Escaped to a small island and a wonderful cottage with some of the best people in the world. Now we are back. And im wondering where all the jackrabbits and deer are... more pictures tomorrow.

everyone: Thank you for your sweet comments about the interview and everything else! lets all have people over and leave everything for the next day and instead have some good coffee and something sweet!



i love having people over for dinner, but im not good at cleaning up afterwards.. happy weekend to everyone! P.S. you can read an interview with me over at milk tooth's rain!

▶ Trula: that sounds like a lovely neighbour!
Kate: hi hi thankfully its not intentional!
▶ Porcelain: Good coffee can save the day!
Luna: True!
▶ B: Ja gå straks ud og find en småkage og noget god kaffe! det er en ordre!
jokemijn: Oh thank you so much -they are much better now!
▶ Jana: in some ways its not a very good habit, but you have to choose your sins!
Aimee: that really is the best kind of latte art!
▶ Nadja: Rødt hår er så sejt!
Maria: they are so good! i just recently rediscovered them!
▶ Veja Cecilia: lets say it makes for sweet people
Linn: it was a lucky second hand find
▶ Lisen: as life should be :)


accidental heart

I made an accidental heart in my coffee. Must be the new roast. I have got such a sweet tooth. Coffee with some sort of cake or cookie is like heaven to me.

▶ Meyer-Lavigne: Skål!
Lilla a: oh i must look that up
▶ Indie Mom and the Reluctant Banker: The oven. Seems weird to roast on a pan even though i know you can do it.
Sidsel: Tak!!
▶ Lina: Oh horray hoorraaaayy!
Stuffedmice: You can definitely taste that it is fresher than most coffee you buy but the biggest difference from standard coffee, i think, is in grinding the coffee right before you make it.
▶ Sarah: I know. I have all ready got the promise of a clients at school but my favourite coffee company also uses triangles.... (coffee collective)
Brit: Thank you!
▶ Louise Therese: Nej, du har!