On her four month birthday Elinor got a perfect gift: A book about birthdays by the magnificent Emma Adbåge! And in danish even! Tusind, tusind tak Emma! The book is so cool and full of little details you could spend hours looking at! The redhead in the third picture with the dog is SO D -he does not like our royalfamily - I love the mosquitoes in the fourth picture - and the family in the last picture is SO us -celebrating every time Elinor is one month older!

▶ Lisen: She does look very cheeky!
B: Tak -jeg glæder mig sådan til hun kan have den fine heldragt på!
▶ Ida: ja, hun har sine kulturelle referencer på plads!
Petr: yes! and she looks so much like him in every other way too!
▶ PernilleE: Sejt!
Luna: you won't have a chance!
▶ E: She is so urbane! -tusind, tusind tak igen, Emma! den bog er så fantastisk!
Niller: Vil i passe Elinor næste torsdag eftermiddag i en time eller to?
▶ Famapa: Tak Tak -hils hendes lille kæreste i England
Mieke Willems: YEs, i have to up my style abit to keep up!
▶ Leen: she will give you holes in your teeth!
Trula: She just turned from her stomach to her back for the first time the other day -scary!
▶ Marrta: i know -im gonna be such an uncool mom compared to her.. can you draw streetcred from your kid??
Mutti: jep!
▶ Britney: how sweet -it means more coming from grandmothers since they have seen so many cute babies in their time :)
§§: Så kom dog forbi i solskinsvejret!!


Lykkesaurus said...

hvor ser den fin ud! flotte tegninger!

la_sale_bete said...

I love those illustrations!
Thank you for sharing those black bean brownies the other week--I made them and they are so delicious!

Lyle said...
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Lyle said...

i love these illustrations.

e said...

Y'er welcome. :) Tack själva.

Maria said...

looks like an amazing and funny book, I've been thinking of getting it myself:) great details really! I'm saying it again; elinor is so lucky to have such great parents like you 2, party every month hihi!

mamamekko said...

I love, love, love your blog! :)
Found it recently and I think it is so inspiring!

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Maybe ypu want to take a look :)


mieke willems said...

oooh lucky elinor! the book looks really great!