drink your sorrows away

Luckily i have good friends who understand my weakness for good graphic design. Recently i got this exceptionally beautiful bottle of Mikkeller beer from my friend Sigrid (the beer hasn't got anything to do with the red wine glass next to it :)). The design is by Femmes Regionales. She had been admiring the bottle for a long time and im so happy she chose to give it to me -now i just have to wait for a really depressing day to drink it :) On another note i recently started shooting in raw again. i haven't done that in a long time since i was annoyed by the heavy files, but either i have gotten more patient or my computer has gotten quicker, cus now im just enjoying the incredible control you get from it.

▶ Ida: ja den ser hyggelig ud, den Rufus pude og han er også en virkelig god varmedunk her i vinterfrosten, men hold da op hvor kan han fylde!
Lisen: So funny you write that about the hair! it is my sister in the picture and she had just gotten a haircut that day, so we look even more like each other. So last night i decided to cut my hair short which i had been contemplating for a long time, and it ended up looking like a shorter version of my sisters hair so we now look even even even more like each other.. and ohh.. lille skorpan -i danmark hedder han Tvebak og det er måske den sørgeligste bog i hele verden!
▶ Gracia: Im so in love with family photos these days!
Ieva: Thank you for the sweet comments!


alice said...

That is interesting that you use raw, I have been contemplating it, I guess I should!

Louise Therese said...

tror du er blevet mere tålmodig, har hørt at det kommer med børnene. Jeg tror jeg skal ha 7 af dem, før min utålmodighed bliver til at kontrollere!

sandra said...

wööö! love it! the bottle. haven't tried raw yet, maybe i should. or just drink some beer instead ;)

sanna matilda said...

Nice bottle indeed. But have you seen norwegian Nøgne-beer bottles, they are very stylish also! And tastes good... ;)

Greetings from Finland!

Crystal said...

I love shooting in raw! No way am I ever going back to jpeg,

B said...

Tak for dagens smil:) Jeg elsker denne blog:)

Anonymous said...

the packaging it really cute :)
what do you mean by "incredible control you get from it"?
what is the difference when shooting raw?

benedikte said...

wow! vildt lækker og kreativ blog!!
God inspiration!


LISEN & STINA said...

oh, how nice! lovley presents. but hope you're not gettinge any sorrows at all.

hihi, skål Tvebak! ;) I'm curious to see it! It surley looks sweet on you too!

kate said...

may I know the camera you're using & do you edit the exposure of your photos?

Anonymous said...

dejligt at kunne beundre den igen. og snart igen.

A + K = ♥ said...

Fantastisk flaske!
Og hvor har du dog skaffet den fluesvampekrukke? Og den lille gul/karryfarvet med hvidt mønster?
Faktisk alt på det bord, må du gerne sende hjem til mig (minus overstregningstushen);)

- Anne

d. said...

don't get any sorrows because of the bottle!although i admit it could be fun :)