family month

A month full of family visits is over. All of our family live pretty far away and for the past month we have had visits something like every weekend. Today my sister and her husband left. I just love seeing our family with Elinor.

▶ Saga: ha ha i really know the feeling. The first day it rained i so missed the snow.. its terrible!
Mieke Willems: Its so full of funny little details! perfect!
▶ When skies..: Thank you so much
Wera: thank you! both sun and snow can be a hard thing to capture with a camera
▶ Ella: :)
Stefanie: Its really funny how the sun can be gone for so long and suddenly its back and you realise you haven't seen it for ages!
▶ Danica: Yes, some of them are both heartbreaking and some are scary. It has been really interesting to see how people have interpreted the initial idea!
Emmy: Thank you for your sweet words!
▶ Ingvild: Tak!
Anonymous: I know! now..
▶ Stride: ja da, og måske Elinor snart vil spise det også!
Ditte: Nej hvor sjovt! så fantastisk vejr den dag. Det er virkelig underligt pludselig at blive genkendt!
▶ E: i thought: At least its healthy! and i can reuse the can!
Maja B: Ja, og hvorfor flere ikke lige investerer lidt ekstra i designet! Det er virkelig forførende!
▶ Sopchan: ..and the company makes a whole series of porridge related products in different colours..
Golubka: Several danish companies are trying to make porridge cool these days.
▶ Katrine: Ja, jeg ved det. Tænker at Elinor må spise det lige straks..
Anne Kirstine: Dennis er bestemt heller ikke en fan af indkøb efter indpakning...
▶ Ashley: oh that does sound good!
Lisen: ha ha how great would it be to come home with something huge like a car or a lawnmower because of the design -a bit harder to explain to D
▶ Epe: i know -she rules our world...


Idabidabum said...

En Rufus-hovedpude. Eller et hoved-dyne. Dejligt.

lisen said...

such happy moments here! Escpecially the last one..
Love the Barba-mama-suit!

is it your sister(or is it you?) in the first? She looks soo nice in that haircut. I had something like that myself some years ago but ...I just looked like you know Skorpan in "Bröderna Lejonhjärta" good at all. :/

gracia said...

Such love radiating from every photo...

ieva jansone said...

love the last foto (the dog between the two!!) !

DAWID said...

nice blog :)