green beans

I have taken my coffee obsession to a whole new level: home roasting! This weekend my sister brought me three kg of green Kenya AA+ beans from Emofabrik and i am now on my second round of roasting! Its fun and surprisingly easy. Even as a total beginner you can get a really good cup of freshly roasted coffee!

▶ girlheartfood: No its from Anne Clair Petit!
Sopchan: dry-swimming!
▶ Brit: Mine very very moist -i had the same thought the first time i baked them, but they really do stay very moist. Im baking more today :) Elinor is pretty moody about the stool -sometimes she loves it and other times she is NOT in the mood. This girl knows what she wants!
Lisen: Rufus has the coldest and wettest nose that comes and wakes you up in the morning!
▶ A+K: Svampekrukken er fra Bolagret i malmø og den lille gule var en gave :)


Meyer-Lavigne said...

Det lyder da for lækkert. Det vil vi også prøve.Skål.

Indie Mom and the Reluctant Banker said...

Wow, and I though I was obsessed with good coffee! You're taking it to a whole new level. I think I'll have to try this at home too.
So, how do you roast it? Is it in the oven or on a pan?

Sidsel Øst Hansen said...

Virkelig flotte billeder!
- Og fed blog.

x Sidsel

lina said...

i got my package from you! thank you thank you! : )
perfect giveaway.

stuffedmice said...

can you really taste the difference?

Sarah Carlson said...

That's what I call raising the bar! But what a lovely and comprehensive morning ritual you're developing. Maybe you should set up a tiny boutique roastery! And make gorgeous packaging with your signature triangles...:O)

Brit said...

Good to know! Thank you! :) Enjoy your special coffee!

Louise Therese said...

Du har egentlig ret flotte hænder!

Trula said...

Your flat or house must smell lovely. I get my coffee at a shop round the corner where two old ladies still roast coffee every day with a really old machine from the the 1920s. I would never have thought you could roast coffee yourself at home.

Porcelain said...

wow! that is so cool!!! i bet it tastes wonderful!!

i just traveled to portland, oregon and brought home some wonderful coffee from here.

wish i had some more!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's the right step for any serious coffee drinkers, right? Such a tempting thought!

Have a great weekend!