i love having people over for dinner, but im not good at cleaning up afterwards.. happy weekend to everyone! P.S. you can read an interview with me over at milk tooth's rain!

▶ Trula: that sounds like a lovely neighbour!
Kate: hi hi thankfully its not intentional!
▶ Porcelain: Good coffee can save the day!
Luna: True!
▶ B: Ja gå straks ud og find en småkage og noget god kaffe! det er en ordre!
jokemijn: Oh thank you so much -they are much better now!
▶ Jana: in some ways its not a very good habit, but you have to choose your sins!
Aimee: that really is the best kind of latte art!
▶ Nadja: Rødt hår er så sejt!
Maria: they are so good! i just recently rediscovered them!
▶ Veja Cecilia: lets say it makes for sweet people
Linn: it was a lucky second hand find
▶ Lisen: as life should be :)


Nuria said...

I do the same as you. I love to have people at home but I always feel I am in a hurry and afterwars I am not so good cleaning it so fast.

Britney said...

What a fun interview! Have a nice weekend!

STEFANIE said...

I enjoyed reading the interview Mette! Have a great weekend!

jana said...

haha, i love "you have to choose your sins". i just read the nice interview. have a lovely weekend!

epe said...

love the interview! have a great weekend mette! :)

Anonymous said...

cute blog



check mine out when you get a chance xoxoxo

Maja B said...

Spændende læsning...!
-er virkelig heller ikke vild med at rydde op efter gæster....
men får nærmest også stress af folk, som har en "swiffer" klud, som forlængelse af armen...slap ud af...;o)

Maria said...

me too! sometimes I/we do a LITTLE bit of the cleaning the same evening or night so that it's easier to start with it the next day..but yes, it sucks;)

nice interview with good answers!

LISEN & STINA said...

oh, what a nice interview! (thank you for mention my blog! I'm so flattered!)

I like the signs from a nice evening, its quite cosy. But G wants to clean up...well, ok & goodnight I say. ;)

mari said...

Takk for inspirasjon og små pustepauser i hverdagen... Det er alltid så hyggelig å titte innom :)


mieke willems said...

nice interview! and agree with the cleaning thing!

Amanda {Mocking Bird} said...

Just discovered your lovely blog. Gorgeous pics. I shall be back. :)

Lea said...

dear mette, this blog is so nice!! and i especially love this cute little owl-candle-thing...can i get it anywhere? thanks a lot and all the best, lea