the wall I

You might have seen it before - we have a wall in our kitchen covered with photographs and cut outs and i thought i would introduce you to some of the things on it.
This is a photograph of my grandfather -my fathers father. He is flipping pancakes over a burning tree log probably somewhere in Canada. This photograph represents my grandfather very well i think: the nonchalant way of flipping the pancake in the air with a pipe in his mouth over an impressive burning log in the great outdoors with a dog standing by hoping for a drop.

▶ Provins: ha ha -sejt! elsker overformelt engelsk!
Paula + Essi : Y E S
▶ Lea: Det gule tæppe er fra bibliotekshaven ved det kongelige bibliotek. Først tog jeg et billede af en enkelt lille erantis og da vi så gik et par skridt videre så jeg pludselig dette tæppe.
Gracia: I know! my eyes needs spring colours and my mouth needs good coffee!
▶ Alaina: such a nice memory
Mama D: thank you so much!
▶ Sandra: Wouldn't it be cool with a world wide coffee break!
MAria: ;)
▶ Hello Tiger: I only started drinking tea a year ago and im still sceptical!
Tara: Thank you! i am cursed: every time i see a picture of coffee or hear it mentioned i have to have some!
▶ Trine: your welcome! i hope you can assemble it :)
Emma: oh i so wanted to drink coffee outside today! it was sooo spring like!
▶ Karin: Thank you!
Lilla A: i know! i can't wait until i can drink coffee unlimited! even though i should probably stick to my two cups now that i have gotten used to it!
▶ Alice: oh i know those very well! so fantastic!
Lisen: Coffee is the best cure for headaches and only creates them slightly...


Celine said...

in canada?! what was your grandfather doing in canada?
I am impressed that he can flip pancakes, in a cast iron pan (it looks like), with no gloves on!

Elizabeth Johnson said...

I love this wall! I don't know how big it is, but it looks like you could stare at it for hours and never get bored-noticing new details and interesting things every time you see it. The photo of your grandfather is is great!

Golubka said...

That photo is perfection! Who took it?

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

Extremely impressed by your grandpa's balancing and pancake flipping skills!

Minna said...

Oooh I love that pancake picture, cool grandfather

Sammy Rose said...

i love you wall, but I have said that so many times already.

lisen said...

These kind of photos seems to be very rare these days?


Anonymous said...

That is such a great photo!

And I've often admired your photo wall, curiously hoping for a closer look. :)

jokemijn said...

i love the way you describe it. It makes me notice little details and love this picture.

Adeline said...

This picture is fantastic ! Looks like your grandpa' too :)

Maria said...

ÅH, lovely picture! he looks like a cool grandfather:) good choice of the introduction, hope you show some moore!

B said...

Farfædre vil altid være de bedste i hele verden, for evigt er de savnet når de ikke er her mere...Rigtig god påske Mette, kommer til KBH igen, snart når i også er hjemme;)

pappi said...

actually it's my father,though he died in 2001 he comes very livingly close through this cool pic. Thanks!

peachey said...

what a treasure!

kindra said...

ah ha! what a splendid photo.