warm me

I just burned three of my fingers on the stove and im about to cook dinner. ouch. Tuesday is school day so i am a bit tired and in need for some warm colours.

▶ Alice: Try it out! i think the experience much depend on the speed of your computer..
Louise Therese: kom så i gang!
▶ Dawid: Thanks!
Sandra: drink enough beer and everything looks raw.. hø hø
▶ Crystal: Thats what im feeling too. The world is so much brighter now :)
B: tak fordi du altid læser med!
▶ Girl heart food: When you shoot in raw you can edit your photos on many more parameters than with jpg, because they are not compressed. For example you can change the white balance and exposure -if you are a very good and patient photographer you maybe just do this when you shoot, but if you are like me, its nice to do a little touch up.
Benedikte: Tak!
▶ Lisen: i know -thats the problem with this bottle -i need more sorrows and sorrows are the last thing i need.
Kate: I use an Olympus e-520 and it differs what i edit of course. But yes, sometimes i edit exposure -and also the white balance. I usually just play around a bit trying not to process the photos too much.
▶ §§: gllææder mig til du kommer lige om lidt!


Anonymous said...

ahhhh, I see!
thanks for the info!
ps, I would like a toadstool!! did you make it?

sopchan said...

Elinor is learning front-crawl!!

Brit said...

So cute! I love Elinor's outfit! Does she like balancing on the toadstool?

I made the black bean brownies! They tasted good!! It's strange how you can't really taste the black beans... It just goes perfectly in the recipe! I'm not sue if I baked mine long enough though... Were yours a bit moist too?

Lisen said...


that feeling, I remember laying like Elinor..but on my mother or fathers knees looking down...keep the balance...and it felt like I was 100 metres up on a mountain!

Am I right if I guess that Rufus has a tickeling sharp nose? IH! hihi

lilla a said...

Reminds me of the swedish book called: Tomtebobarnen by Elsa Beskow, where the whole family are wearing mushroom hats like this one! Lovely.

jokemijn said...

hihi, love the bottom picture!
hope your fingers cured by now.