winter > < spring

Winter or spring? i don't know what to think...

▶ Brit + Liz: it is only 1.99 -but you have to assemble it yourself which can be kind of tricky.
Maria: when ever i make a smoothie it think "why don't i do this everyday?"
▶ Lisen: its cheap and kind of a funny assembly project :)
Golubka: amen!
▶ Benedikte: he he -its the boxes where i keep my shoes because we like eating breakfast in the bedroom :) but they are good as a table!
Lina: i hope you did!
▶ Provins: der er meget indendørs camping over den lampe, men jeg er ikke helt god nok til kinesisk til at indstille den helt korrekt
Sopchan: yeah, you need a little concentration to get it right, but its sort of cool with a little technical project like that!
▶ Stefanie: we are - every day
Famapa: yes, i some times have to jiggle a cord to get it to work, but its worth it!


PROVINS said...

Arg æv.. Så må vi ha os en kinesisk ordbog! Har også fået en mail fra sælgeren på noget ret sjovt engelsk...
"We can slove it in a peaceful way" skrev han/hun -ret sødt..

PaulaQ said...

It is spring. Definitely!!

lea said...

spring...SPRING! hvor har du set erantis? det ville gøre mine vinterøjne godt at se et erantistæppe : ) fine billeder!

gracia said...

That yellow! So spring!

It looks wonderful to my tired eyes this morn.

-Alaina said...

Think Spring!

Essi said...

Let it be spring. The picture in the middle makes me sigh. So beautiful.

Mama D said...

I really like your photos. they are all stunning.
and your baby is just beautiful!!