the wall II

last time i showed you something from our kitchen wall it was my fathers father flipping pancakes. This is me and my mothers father. i was lucky enough to share my birthday with him -or rather he shared his with me- and this picture is from one of those birthdays! i always used to say that i was one year older than him -if you subtracted 80 years! he was born in 1904 and rode his bike from one end of Denmark to the other to study in Copenhagen, he knew alot about England and had VERY thick glasses.

Petra: Oh thank you for the sweet comment! i will have to think about that!
▶ Millosblog: ja, man kan virkelig bruge lang tid der!
Johanna: Thank you so much! -watching is more important than reading here!
▶ Mari: ha ha -ja, den er ret kompliceret at samle!! min har en løs forbindelse :)
Sara: pure heaven!
▶ Brit: It would! but its would also be fun to do something like it yourself!


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I found this amazing site, the letterplayground, through danish ArtRebels. It makes me wanna draw again for the first time in a loooong while. These letters were made by: Hugo Yoshikawa, G., Nina Ostensen, Nate Williams, Maria Bryk, and François Bégnez.

▶ Emma + Ottomar: Im glad to get some swedish support -suppose he was some sort of freak hated by everyone! that would be sad.
Stuffedmice: yes, i have to work more with that, a talking rufus
▶ Leisbeth: cool! it is a pretty funny record!
Dessa: oh, don't put thoughts in his head -now i want to be a spokesdog!
▶ Sisterbrandt: design man drømmer om at have lavet
Maria: ha ha -too late for prizes!
▶ Cup of snowflakes: Cool -im planning a pancakepost with a recipe!
Giulia: nope, no more "i never win anything" - Congratulations!
▶ Fabio: im glad, but i hope you will also give Denmark a chance!
Sandra: one day i will do a rufus-giveaway!
▶ Mari: i forgot to photograph the finished product!
Gracia: good luck! i hope you found some thing good. Some days you can find magic in nothing and others you couldn't cook a meal with all the ingredients in the world, you know?
▶ Lyle: i love to photograph food, because it makes you remember its beauty!
Karen: tusind tak for den søde kommentar
▶ Schoremädchen: It was!
milk tooths..: :)
▶ Lazy M: i do normaly, but for this "aubergine caviare" it had to be removed :)
Cecilie: Jeg lover der snart kommer en pandekage opskrift!


and the winner is...

And the winner of the big The Good Machinery giveaway is..... Well Rufus already spilled the beans; Giulia Sagramola! Hooorrrayyy! The hard thing about this giveaway-business is that you can only pick one winner! This time I used to pic the winner, so it felt more out of my hands (and I didn't have to write allll of your names down on little notes :) ). Congratulations to Giulia! Send me an email! The rest of you; go to Dessa's store!



i like when i have time to do some real cooking. Making baked cherry tomatoes and my version of this. Hope you have had a good weekend!

▶ mieke willems: i thought You would appreciate it!
Emma: ha ha -what a great story! im so glad i posted the record cover and got it!
▶ Lulubeth: Du har helt ret! Det er meget moderne i udtrykket!
Essi: i find it quite sexy too!
▶ Sammy Rose: Cool!
Emma Norber: Nej, hvor sejt! Jeg elsker musik man stadig kender al teksten til!
▶ Louise: ja, pladespilleren har faktisk spillet oftere på det sidste!
Misako mimoko: Oh im so glad you stopped by to see it!
▶ Suki: ha ha -i thought i recognized them! you are very velcome to copy :)
Hello Sandwich: Uhh then you must stop by some time! i will take you there!
▶ Kim: oh the link didn't work but i googled them and i see what you mean!


The Pling & Plong Show

D got an old stack of records from his work and among them was this, the coolest album cover of all time: The Pling & Plong Show. I seems to be a swedish children's show from 1970 -any of you sweet swedes out there who know it? i just can't take my eyes of it, its just too perfect, and today E and i played on the swing and listend to weird swedes singing. Good times.

▶ everybody: uhh there is going to be alot of names in that pot on monday!


The Good Machinery --- g i v e a w a y ---

uhh im sooo happy to have some very exiting news for you! I have been conspiring with sweet Dessa from the blog 1911 and the site and etsy-shop The Good Machinery to make it possible for you, my dear readers, to get your hands on some of her beautiful Skethcbook Stories-series of soft characters, that have jumped off the page of her sketchbook -as you can see, a circus bear has all ready moved in with my gorilla in our living room!
Simply enter a comment on this post before Monday the 26th of April at noon and you might just win her cool creations! i will draw a winner who will get both the unicycling circus bear and the wind making mountains who can take you where ever you want to go! Hoorray!
(NOTE: some of you have been commenting about the Gorilla, note that he is not part of the give away! :) )


close up

This is what Elinor looks like when you tickle her face with your hair. And this is what you see when you have taken a late nap and open your eyes to a dogs snout.

▶ Saga: one persons jealousy... im really jealous that you were at the exhibition! we were going to the opening but i was just too darn pregnant to move across the water!
Lisen: VERY indeed!
▶ Anonym: sejt at du kan kende stedet! og holder det hemmeligt -tror jeg vil lave en skattejagt der ud en dag!
Millo: :) Colman er også god i farver
▶ E: i think there might be a friend-overlap in there somewhere! small world!
Petr: 1st of all: hooorray for art that won't be ignored -that post was mostly about the gift, but Colmans art will not be overlooked :)
2nd of all: Art is nothing if not self-expression and there for the two things can not be taken apart. We have to talk about both. That's what differentiates art from craft.
3rd of all: I do know what you mean when you write about artists who just scream for attention; who is provoking for the sake of the provocation, but in my view Richard Colman is certainly not one of them.
Art should not just be about the pretty side of life (as many blogs, including mine, too often are). Art should also be thought provoking -even through obscenity and violence. Of course i find the cover of the book very harsh; it depicts one of the biggest taboos of the world and one of the most terrible things imaginable: the bad mother. But if art should not take up this taboo, who should? I hope you will look in to more of Richard Colmans art, as i find that his way of combining the beautiful with the raw is what makes his art more than just eye candy -and what makes this an art book and not just a coffee table book.
I find it interesting that you seem so disappointed in me; a blog, i think, should have no loyalty but to the blog writer -if you start changing your posting to please your readers it becomes something else than a personal blog -something superficial describing with a fictive person and not very interesting at all.
▶ fine little day: I daily fall dead over her hair. its dangerous to be around such red hair!


a family of bears

Sunday we attend an amazing No kids + Mount Eerie concert and met up with sweet Cindy who presented us with a crazy cool gift: a book of Richard Colman's work; I was just leaving -the dirty version - with a personal greeting from Colman! Colman had an exhibition at Cindy's gallery Krets in Malmö last fall and she got him to sign a book and he even drew a little family of bears just for us! L O V E it! Tak Cindy!

▶ Sammy Rose: It such a good combo!
Sofie: Vi ses til bryllupsfest!
▶ Kristine: pizza out side is so good!
E: its Copenhagen -just around the university where i study
▶ Siri: its a weed and i think it looks almost scary -like an octopus!


spring walks!

i love when the sunshine just drags you outside and you can take long walks with your loves and eat pizza on a bench and enjoy the nature in the city

▶ girl ferment: Rufus thanks you for the inclusion!
Sara: De er fra Katvig og du kan sikkert godt finde en stor børneudgave! elsker striber!
▶ Ai: hope yours was a good one!!
Katherine: i still love ours -and so does Elinor! just think how huge it looks for such a little girl!
▶ Hannah: oh you are so right! nicely spotted!
Maria: she is one big cuteness overload!



last blog post was about last weekend and now its all ready weekend again! i love it when the weekend takes over the week!

▶ Kate: Thank you
§§: glæder mig til snarlig picnic på det hemmelige sted -måske skal vi bare aftale at mødes der, så kan vi se om det er samme hemmelige sted!
▶ Alaina: it was fun to know of a secret place and to share it too: "come on, just a little further, then we will be there.."
Emma: last time i was there we suddenly saw a huge flock of birds flying from straw to straw. beautiful
▶ Kadhy: :-P
Lyle: i love it when nature outgrows you
▶ Jokemijn: i will keep that secret a little longer
Sunni: Lige straks laver jeg en pandekageblogpost!
▶ Sofie: Hej Sofie! hyggeligt at du læser med! fotoalbummene er fra Kvickly såmænd! Den billigste slags!
Tiffany: the sad thing is that the bowling alley is closing! or is allready closed i think!
▶ Brit: happy weekend to you too!


secret places

this weekend i showed D and E a secret place i know.

▶ Linda: spist, spist og ikke tale om!
Bykirabo: jeg må vidst snart dele min pandekageopskrift -selvom den ikke er noget særligt
▶ Stefanie: mmm... i wish i had those pancakes right now!
e: he he, no i used chopped up white chocolate in these ones -i will give you my recipe soon!
▶ Lina: im quite ambivalent about that bathrobe, but those ears you can't deny!
Sopchan: its been ages since i have had a strawberry smothie! i always make rapsberry ones!
▶ Indie mom: Ears make EVERYTHING cute! try it out! even your radio will look cute with ears!
Katrine: babyer er altid et eller andet slags bær! Elinor var faktisk lidt et tyttebær lige da hun blev født!
▶ Anna Emilia: Sunshine hoorray!
Hanna: And i haven't even shown how she looks in her strawberry jumpsuit!
▶ Lisen: oh how i want to ride horses again! but it takes up SO much of your time!! ( i love it when a horse just hits you like that -you can't predict which horse it will be. For me it was a silly half-arabian called Pasqual and a little white pony called Tikki, who had epilepsy.


strawberry - blueberry - strawberry

We call Elinor little strawberry - lille jordbær. This weekend we also had strawberries for breakfast -with blueberry-white chocolate pancakes.. wow.

▶ Everyone: it was so funny being at the bowling tournament -a totally different environment from my usual life -i miss being apart of a community like that! i last had that when i was into horses.. The Vikings didn't win, but they did do quite well while we were there (bowling tournaments are reallly long affairs)



This weekend D, E and i went bowling! well actually we did not bowl ourselves, instead we watched our good friend Dennis bowl in an elite tournament! how cool is that! He is the tall, lanky Viking bowling in the pictures! D and I bought a Slush Ice and enjoyed ourselves!

Everyone: Hooray for blogs being a thing of pleasure - not of duty!