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I found this amazing site, the letterplayground, through danish ArtRebels. It makes me wanna draw again for the first time in a loooong while. These letters were made by: Hugo Yoshikawa, G., Nina Ostensen, Nate Williams, Maria Bryk, and François Bégnez.

▶ Emma + Ottomar: Im glad to get some swedish support -suppose he was some sort of freak hated by everyone! that would be sad.
Stuffedmice: yes, i have to work more with that, a talking rufus
▶ Leisbeth: cool! it is a pretty funny record!
Dessa: oh, don't put thoughts in his head -now i want to be a spokesdog!
▶ Sisterbrandt: design man drømmer om at have lavet
Maria: ha ha -too late for prizes!
▶ Cup of snowflakes: Cool -im planning a pancakepost with a recipe!
Giulia: nope, no more "i never win anything" - Congratulations!
▶ Fabio: im glad, but i hope you will also give Denmark a chance!
Sandra: one day i will do a rufus-giveaway!
▶ Mari: i forgot to photograph the finished product!
Gracia: good luck! i hope you found some thing good. Some days you can find magic in nothing and others you couldn't cook a meal with all the ingredients in the world, you know?
▶ Lyle: i love to photograph food, because it makes you remember its beauty!
Karen: tusind tak for den søde kommentar
▶ Schoremädchen: It was!
milk tooths..: :)
▶ Lazy M: i do normaly, but for this "aubergine caviare" it had to be removed :)
Cecilie: Jeg lover der snart kommer en pandekage opskrift!


petra said...

Hi Mette !

I really like your blog and I think you have a super nice style :) I was thinking if you could maybe write a post about your favourite interior design stores in Copenhagen? Or perhaps just a list here in the comments..

Petra :D

Anonymous said...

cool!! hvor er der mange flotte!

Johanna said...

Love your blog! I allways enjoy reading [watching] it!!

mari said...

Style hunter!
Takk for mange gode tips og linker :) Jeg har nå anskaffet meg en astro lamp, som tidligere sett her i din blogg. Det tok meg 2 timer å sette den sammen, men nå lyser den opp mine mørke kroker ;)

STEFANIE said...

How fun! :)

Sara Schelde said...

It's my new favourite page, type lovers heaven...


Brit said...

How cool is that! Would make a nice blog header!

gracia said...

Makes me also wanna draw... it's been a super long time.