bad blogger

i am a bit of a lazy blogger these days, not getting my photos edited, not blogging and not reading all my regular blogs. Bad blogger. Some days are just like that. But i guess thats okay -blogging should never become something you HAVE to do. These photos are snippets from my weekend -i will show you more tomorrow!

▶ Lili: cool! its spreading through the blog world
Milk ...: ahh i wish i had a balcony -or just a little garden
▶ When skies..: for the first time i have a good fabric collection
Mille: sejt! forårsrengøring!
▶ Adeline: wow a rabbit! that is so cool. So sad to hear about your old dog! Walter is puppylove
Adri: hoorray for spring!
▶ E: the light has definitely stayed around! hooray!
epe: it is!
▶ Lina thank you -its perfect: when you have a kid you can sew things out of little scraps!
Julie: i have a hard time using the really good fabrics -you know choosing! but thats just stupid!
▶ Farhana: Thank you -and yeah, most of them are!


nath said...

yes! me too! for example, it's been aeons since i last commented here, though i still drop in regularly. it's the holidays here, and my daughter is not at kindergarten til next week and i am so behind on everything! even making to-do lists! i'm all for guilt-free blogging, oh yeah.

chrrristine said...

same here!
the apartment blocks in the second image look fascinating. and I love the geometry of the bowling shoe cupboard, it's just beautiful.

basic said...

great photos. blogging should never become chore.

Petr Matas said...

you are not only blogger, but human also, it is more important (for us - the readers of your blog - also)

e said...

exactly. it should be FUN, not a must. we forgive you. ;) seems to be grat days over at yer hoods. said...

I'm also a bad blogger right now, I just don't have the time:( but I had some free time and wanted to check what you're up to;) I agree, you shouldn't force a blogpost..

great buildings over there!

Lika said...

Interessant og meget hyggelig blog du har omend farverne og skriften forvirrer mig en del. Måske bare mine computerindstillinger.. I øvrigt meget meget smuk hund :)

Ella said...

Hihi, jag gillar att din varg har ett solglasöga. Det är fint, det är ju vår ju.

Flora said...

I agree with you!
Your little E is very cute in red and yellow. Have a lovely week over there!