close up

This is what Elinor looks like when you tickle her face with your hair. And this is what you see when you have taken a late nap and open your eyes to a dogs snout.

▶ Saga: one persons jealousy... im really jealous that you were at the exhibition! we were going to the opening but i was just too darn pregnant to move across the water!
Lisen: VERY indeed!
▶ Anonym: sejt at du kan kende stedet! og holder det hemmeligt -tror jeg vil lave en skattejagt der ud en dag!
Millo: :) Colman er også god i farver
▶ E: i think there might be a friend-overlap in there somewhere! small world!
Petr: 1st of all: hooorray for art that won't be ignored -that post was mostly about the gift, but Colmans art will not be overlooked :)
2nd of all: Art is nothing if not self-expression and there for the two things can not be taken apart. We have to talk about both. That's what differentiates art from craft.
3rd of all: I do know what you mean when you write about artists who just scream for attention; who is provoking for the sake of the provocation, but in my view Richard Colman is certainly not one of them.
Art should not just be about the pretty side of life (as many blogs, including mine, too often are). Art should also be thought provoking -even through obscenity and violence. Of course i find the cover of the book very harsh; it depicts one of the biggest taboos of the world and one of the most terrible things imaginable: the bad mother. But if art should not take up this taboo, who should? I hope you will look in to more of Richard Colmans art, as i find that his way of combining the beautiful with the raw is what makes his art more than just eye candy -and what makes this an art book and not just a coffee table book.
I find it interesting that you seem so disappointed in me; a blog, i think, should have no loyalty but to the blog writer -if you start changing your posting to please your readers it becomes something else than a personal blog -something superficial describing with a fictive person and not very interesting at all.
▶ fine little day: I daily fall dead over her hair. its dangerous to be around such red hair!


máni said...

aawww...that cuteness is killing me. i like what she does with her lips and that she is always wearing the coolest clothes! :)

Åpent hus said...

first time visiting your blog. this is fun!
was that a Wegner chair I spotted in your living room?
Is it comfy to sit in? It has been on my wishlist for ages.
Have a great day. I appreciate if you would leave an answer at my blog.

take care
Open house blog, Norway

Flora said...

Hello Barbapapa! That's how we call the little cotton candy characters in France. How do you call them? Just ate one on Saturday at the fair!

la_sale_bete said...

What a pleasant surprise to see a dog's snout in your face upon waking!

e said...

it's like you have a secret camera built-in, in your...nose? eyes? hair? hihi! such great pics, i love the picture of E, so cute and giggly! :D

Maria said...

how sweet! both of them;) and richard colmans book looks great!!

whitney said...

i am still trying to figure out why babies like hair in their face so much...why is it so funny?

lisen said...

hihi, cuties!
Yesteday night Stina gave a kid that look when her tail waved to close..hehe

dessa said...

oh the barbapapa.
and Rufus,that's how i regularly too wake upjust to see Buzz's face looking at me.and i think that's the one of best waking up.