easter bliss

im back home again after a perfect easter holiday surrounded by family, talking, reading, eating and watching the fire. So calming. But also so good to be back! It was just E and I who were away and boy did we miss D and Rufus! as we say here: ude godt, men hjemme bedst.

Elizabeth: hi hi -it was just the easter holiday that began last weekend! easter was this weekend here as well!
▶ Emma Margretha: I know what you mean! old photos -especially really old one- have such a rare presence thats hard to find in digital photos! its the crazy timing need to capture exactly the right moment..
Peachey + Kindra: :)
▶ Lyle: then easter is the perfect holiday for you!
Trine: Så perfekt det billede!!
▶ Maria: Glad påsk!
Kari: I lige måde!
▶ Brit: Oh thank you - it was a scoop last january on sale!
E: i hope you took me seriously and took a break!!
▶ Veja: Glad påsk!
Hunch: Sejt! tak for den søde kommentar!
▶ Kiwitz: hope this is soon enough!
Eldera and samson: Thank you for the sweet comment!
▶ Lisen: the grass was green but the sun didn't shine much. In stead we stayed inside by the kakelugn :)
Mieke Willems: I did!
▶ Essi: oh its sooo good to take a break every now and then!
Erin Anne Marie: Thank you for the sweet comment! i'll be sure to tell Rufus you said hi!
▶ Anonymous: its from Cheap Monday a few years back!


Hvor kragerne vender said...

Velkommen tilbage. Jeg kan personligt sige, at jeg har savnet dig i blogland :)


e said...

åååå så gott! fina bilder, skön brasa, snygga stumpor och vackert ljus. skönt att både kunna trivas borta och komma hem till något underbart...!

Lykke said...

Dejligt med et lille påske-break! Elsker dine billeder.

lisen said...

kakelugn ja! :) så grejt!
o jättekudden! fin!
älskar era Ö:n (på bokryggen), de är snyggare än svenska.

Chatrin said...

Roligt (som i "fun" alltså) att det uttrycket finns på danska också! Vi i Sverige säger "Borta bra men hemma bäst"

Petr said...

The red boy looks like Marie's Ivan. But it is not difficult to guess when you are back from family meeting.

Petr Matas said...

The red boy has same haircut as Marie also. Very funny!

Sammy Rose said...

Frank älskar att ligga på en kudde vid elden, precis så där

Maria said...

låter och ser mysigt ut! cute kids you both have;)cause I guess it's your sisters little boy? and fun that the cat likes to be so close to him!