a family of bears

Sunday we attend an amazing No kids + Mount Eerie concert and met up with sweet Cindy who presented us with a crazy cool gift: a book of Richard Colman's work; I was just leaving -the dirty version - with a personal greeting from Colman! Colman had an exhibition at Cindy's gallery Krets in Malmö last fall and she got him to sign a book and he even drew a little family of bears just for us! L O V E it! Tak Cindy!

▶ Sammy Rose: It such a good combo!
Sofie: Vi ses til bryllupsfest!
▶ Kristine: pizza out side is so good!
E: its Copenhagen -just around the university where i study
▶ Siri: its a weed and i think it looks almost scary -like an octopus!


Saga said...

Wow, that's so cool! I saw the exhibition at krets, and I loved it. Now i'm just a little bit jealous :)

lisen said...

How nice is that?!??!! :D
VERY! I think.
Looks great!

Anonymous said...

ej, hvor snyd! er vild med sort/hvid tegninger!

e said...

woh, great stuff is happening to you, -how awesome! that cindy i belive is a friend to a friend of mine.... ( I think?!) :) KRETS is a great place.

Petr Matas said...

Sorry Mette, but it is too much obscene. I really hate artists like him. He is trying to be expressive, no tabu and very cool with pictures like the first one, but it is only stupid and obcene. Nothing more than something like shaking hands and screaming "i'm here". I'm very dissapointed that you are publishing it on your blog.

Petr Matas said...

Hello Mette,
I have to admit that I'm disgusted a little bit that you are fan of that guy who made these drawings. This blog entry is something like milestone now (at least for me). I'm wondering not only how you can tolerate such obscene and violence image, but why are you so excited about the signature in book and his art. I don't wanna discuss his art. It is his self-expression only. I'm not interested in it, but your blog is interesting for me and now I feel pretty bad because I have my head full of questions why are some people excited about obscenity and cynicism. Why too many people feel drawings like that so cool. Maybe it is good theme for some discussion.