spring walks!

i love when the sunshine just drags you outside and you can take long walks with your loves and eat pizza on a bench and enjoy the nature in the city

▶ girl ferment: Rufus thanks you for the inclusion!
Sara: De er fra Katvig og du kan sikkert godt finde en stor børneudgave! elsker striber!
▶ Ai: hope yours was a good one!!
Katherine: i still love ours -and so does Elinor! just think how huge it looks for such a little girl!
▶ Hannah: oh you are so right! nicely spotted!
Maria: she is one big cuteness overload!


Sammy Rose said...

ahhhh I want to eat Pizza on a bench too

Anonymous said...

Cheers, det lyder nemt! Vi ses... (sofie)

kristine said...

lovely!!!!! Spring + pizza: yes! :-)

e said...

these days are great. the best! are you in malmö bo-01, or is it kbhvn?

Siri said...

Is that a pretty weed in the first photos of an actual flower? I love the fact that you sewed E a mini version of the cloth flags for her stroller.

Fine Little Day said...

Oh, that red head - sweeeat :)!

jokemijn said...

i adore that little garland on the baby car :D