thrifting part II

im fascinated by taxidermy! The thrift market was full of intriguing animals staring at you in the semi-darkness. And no, i didn't buy anything. As Emma suggested i went into system error and hid behind my camera (+ the prices was just a bit too high -i hate that!)

▶ La sale bete: there were so many exciting machines and cameras and microscopes and even a giant telescope!
E: i got the error-feeling after three minutes and just wandered around staring! you would need a whole day!
▶ Nadia: Tak for din søde kommentar! Stedet er Knebel antikmarked langt langt ude på mols! Hvis du er i nærheden er det helt sikkert et besøg værd, men priserne er desværre lige lidt for høje..
Lisen: Im sending D there with his fynd-briller! han vil kunne finde guld!
▶ Mille: uden tvivl helt utroligt mange! bliver også frustreret når andre er bedre til det end mig og køber gode ting, mens jeg bare står og stirrer!
Whitney: I thought it was a little too expensive but it was very tempting! there was a fisher price record player from the 70ies that was very very tempting, but waaaay too expensive!
Lilla a: it might be! there were several busts of the same man :)


e said...

I so do hate that too, the prices. Then it is no's just an amusement for very rich people, unfair! You got yerself some nice shots though, great! :D

máni said...

my grandfather has lots of these animals, because he is a hunter. when a friend of mine once came with me to visit him, she had to throw up almost immediately because she found it so gross. and she couldn't go back to that room again.

i found it funny, but i think she didn't very much. ;)

mari said...

Ah! Hvis du liker utstoppede dyr har du gjerne vært på den kaféen i København som har påkledde, utstoppede dyr på veggene? Det var et utrolig merkelig og fascinerende sted som jeg snublet over.
Fikk desverre ikke prøvd maten for min venn klarte ikke spise der. Hun følte seg beglodd...ha ha.

Alltid hyggelig å titte innom her, fine bilder og gode historier :)


lisen said...

haha, jag älskar gubben + illern. de ser ut att gosa :)

sopchan said...

Shame about the prices. But sometimes, when I'm in a place in which I'm outpriced, it suddenly be very relaxing, I can just stroll and browse and muse with no pressure to choose! And I totally understand the 'too much good stuff!' feeling! I prefer it so much when I can hone in on a few select things and ignore the rest!

erin anne marie said...

taxidermy is wild! i love the bird, what a lovely texture those feathers create. (:

Adeline said...

HEY :)
Thanks for your congratulations about Walter :) I was so sad after the death of my doggy... He's a ray of light (hmm.. i feel stupid saying that..)
i LOVE taxidermy ! I already got a rabbit, a duck, and a "gris du gabon" parrot :)