the wall II

last time i showed you something from our kitchen wall it was my fathers father flipping pancakes. This is me and my mothers father. i was lucky enough to share my birthday with him -or rather he shared his with me- and this picture is from one of those birthdays! i always used to say that i was one year older than him -if you subtracted 80 years! he was born in 1904 and rode his bike from one end of Denmark to the other to study in Copenhagen, he knew alot about England and had VERY thick glasses.

Petra: Oh thank you for the sweet comment! i will have to think about that!
▶ Millosblog: ja, man kan virkelig bruge lang tid der!
Johanna: Thank you so much! -watching is more important than reading here!
▶ Mari: ha ha -ja, den er ret kompliceret at samle!! min har en løs forbindelse :)
Sara: pure heaven!
▶ Brit: It would! but its would also be fun to do something like it yourself!


lisen said...

Fin bild och fint minne!
Jag älskar bilden till vänster också! Händerna för ögonen! :))) underbar!

e said...

such great photos. the colours! the light. the memories. all these years...that atmosphere, back then. i can sense my childhood as well. -beautiful!

Flora said...

Oh that's a great story, you must feel connected in a very particular way to him then, that sounds nice!

stuffedmice said...

Your hair looks so much lighter!:) My grandpa (on mum's side) died before I was born and I only hear stories about how funny / caring / interesting he was. My other grandpa wasn't too much of a family man. Lucky you!

dessa said...

i love that picture.but i do love that one on the left side too :).
it makes me sincerely smile.and it also makes me miss my mothers grandfather.he had me have the best laughs :).

Anonymous said...

I love this post. Thanks for sharing.

PS, where did you buy this monster cave playhouse in your living room?

Maria said...

wonderful memories! your mothers father looks also like he was a very nice person;)
happy 1st of may!