last blog post was about last weekend and now its all ready weekend again! i love it when the weekend takes over the week!

▶ Kate: Thank you
§§: glæder mig til snarlig picnic på det hemmelige sted -måske skal vi bare aftale at mødes der, så kan vi se om det er samme hemmelige sted!
▶ Alaina: it was fun to know of a secret place and to share it too: "come on, just a little further, then we will be there.."
Emma: last time i was there we suddenly saw a huge flock of birds flying from straw to straw. beautiful
▶ Kadhy: :-P
Lyle: i love it when nature outgrows you
▶ Jokemijn: i will keep that secret a little longer
Sunni: Lige straks laver jeg en pandekageblogpost!
▶ Sofie: Hej Sofie! hyggeligt at du læser med! fotoalbummene er fra Kvickly såmænd! Den billigste slags!
Tiffany: the sad thing is that the bowling alley is closing! or is allready closed i think!
▶ Brit: happy weekend to you too!


.girl ferment. said...

her spunky tights match her gorgeous hair

happy weekend to the 3 of you, ( i mean 4 including dog)

Sara Schelde said...

Fåes de strømpebukser i voksenstørrelser? De er seje!

Anonymous said...

Your little darling is getting cuter and cuter. Awww!

Yes, weekends rule. Hope you are having a great one.

Hannah said...

she is soo cute :)
haha and i love the first picture with the writing on the t-shirt. suits so well!...

Maria said...

aww, cutie cutie cutie!!

MUS said...

hello cuty! ;)

MUS said...

cute! i meant
...its late :)