forgotten things

I can't edit any new photos before i get my computer back so i thought i would give you some forgotten, unblogged gems: A moomin pitcher, carrots and potatoes in line, a laughing/crying Elinor and a racket in a bush.
I will be back to answering all your comments once my computer is back -until then, this is ungt blod light. 



Sorry for the lack of posts these days - i have lend out my computer to a friend which always makes blogging a bit more difficult. Meanwhile i have these two happy places for you to visit on the internet: Lili Scratchy and Misako Mimoko - just then names tells you you are on to something good! I always break into a huge smile everytime i visit their blogs! They both take part in this project!


go crazy

Rufus deserves a gif too :) it was Sandra who reminded me that i wanted to try out gifs with this great animation. I loosely followed this guide to making gifs. Have a good friday tomorrow! i will make burgers again!



We turned in our assignment on blogs this week, sun is shining and elinor is dancing to this mix

everyone: thanks for the sweet comments about our new pony - the paint is pealing of so im thinking of repainting it to make it elinor safe -any ideas?


i bought a horse

Friday i walked past a horse in the street on the way to the bakery. When we turned back i had to buy the horse. Now it lives in our apartment. Hope you have had a super weekend!

strawberry cake and pink feet

It went from fall to summer in no time at all and im enjoying it thoroughly: strawberry cake and summer feet (not mine - are those pink/orange shoes not fantastic?) The last picture reminds me of this song - twin peaks + mount eerie = ♥

everyone: oh i definitely will have to go to the exhibition! i promise you i will do it!


k u s a m a

I am in a Kusama kind of mood today! its a good thing! its inspirational! its wanting to create and to stand out! I have until the 13th of june to drag myself to Louisiana and experience one of her creations myself.

▶ Fenke: Oh my - i almost cried when i read your comment!
FanFan Rose: Thank you! i received your email but have had computer troubles this week so im a bit behind!
▶ Emma: For the first time i really appreciated that the midwife decided she came 16.31 and not 16.30
Saga: I never wear a watch so this is perfect
▶ Whitney: Yes! D can sometimes be anti classic date-romance, but then he does something like this!
Dessa: Very stylish!
▶ Lisen: Just wait -you will get your "own time" at some point - what ever the reason - and that will be the perfect moment to get that tattoo!
Katrine Ny: Jeg havde ønsket mig uret længe, men aldrig tænkt at det skulle vise et bestemt klokkeslet, men det her er så perfekt og gør at jeg får sug i maven hver gang jeg ser det!
▶ Alaina: Im glad you appreciate that photo of her - i find it very telling too!
mieke willems: things with nice stories are the best
▶ Sisterbrandt: og det fås i mange stilarter..
Sammy Rose: this comment made me smile over and over
▶ Steph: D is always soo good with the surprise gifts! i can never catch up!
lovelyrita: Thank you for your comment! i use an Olympus E-520. Its not a classic choice in dslr but it was a good deal at the time and im really happy with it
▶ Maria: I know that maybeline is a classic, but sometimes its nice with something a little more advanced! the clinique one is working out well! stays on all day - and even when i take Elinor swimming!
Tiffany: both the man and the watch :)
▶ Ponies and purple: you can spend HOURS pouring sand on your screen if you let your self!
Jordan: That sounds really interesting!


what time is it?

a while back -like maybe two months ago- i got a surprise gift from Dennis. We were out grocery shopping and stopped by the post office. D picked up a little registered letter and gave it to me. Inside it was a silver, leather watch from Real Fake Watches that i had wanted for a long time. Then D asked me what time it was, i looked at the watch and it said 16.31 -the moment Elinor was born! I love that watch and wear it every day. He is the greatest dad.

▶ Emily: Perfekt!
La sale bete: I love toys that are fun for both kids and grown ups
▶ Flora: I did - hope you did too!
Wera: the big one has to be insanely expensive -otherwise i will buy it!
▶ Marthe: I know -i imagine it would be so nice if you put a blanket over it and sad in there with a little light and some cookies
Brit: !!
▶ Megan: I really love their foundation too - so it made the disappointment even bigger
Gracia: Thats the trick -it goes on for ever so we can all fit!
▶ Stuffedmice: Its so interesting to meet up with five other moms who really are very very different from me -but at the moment we have alot of babystuff in common!
Tuilie: Oh 100% pure sounds really interesting! but boy the international shipping is steep!
▶ Lost bird found: thank you so much for the beautiful gifts!
Millo: Har lagt et par gode ud under i like -prøv også at google rafaël rozendaal! -og jeg synes også sketchy bunnies er mega-donnie-darko-uhyggelig
▶ Louise: Det var lige præcis min plan!
Kickcan and Conkers: You are very welcome!


Mirror Castle

Every other week or so i meet up with five other moms with kids from november last year, who live in my neighbourhood. One of these moms told me about a fantastic danish toy project where different artists will design creative toys. Im head over heals in love with the first toy: The mirror castle by Jeppe Hein. The castle comes in three different sizes and is perfect for creating your own world either with the mega model - perfect for a secret hide out or the small one that will make drawings come to life and can be taken anywhere! of course i really want the mega model - wonder what piece of furniture we will have to get rid of to fit it in our apartment...

Emily: ohh emily -det skal du virkelig ikke sige to gang! vi mangler en god rufus-sitter i området!
Dessa: mmm cats with potatoes and olives sounds delicious :) And yes i am a very serious coffeedrinker -even with the restrictions because i nurse. But that Ethiopian was a serious coffee too!
▶ Stefanie: ha ha -perfect! thank you for that link! i will post two other great internetspaces in the i like section later
Cara. :( annoying! i fall for the good prices and most of all the free shipping. i love free shipping!
▶ Gamze: what an stupid mistake by the shop -but one mistake is acceptable when there are 8 packages! sounds perfect! D also prefers many small things instead of one big
Lina: thank you! i hope your school work is getting lighter and lighter!
▶ Marthe: hi hi -a trick is to order a lot of stuff online :)
Sopchan: i must have been really lucky with mascaras earlier because i was really shocked by how bad it was :) Clinique just stays where its supposed to!
Jokemijn: you are right! fashion is a good reason!


postman postman

I love packages! actually i hate it when the postman rings our door because he rings sooo loong and Rufus starts barking and wakes up Elinor.. But i L O V E packages! Last week i received four! Number one: del-i-ci-ous coffee from SWEET Dessa! just because she know i love coffee! It is fair traid and bio and soo good! i just finished the Ethiopian = perfect! Number two: Sara from Lost Bird Found (great name!) sent me two cool totebags and a fortune telling fish -why don't i have a photo of that fish? it was so funny - you put it in your palm and it tells you the truth! Thank you Sara! The two last packages were stuff i ordered from this great shop. Especially since i got pregnant i have cut way back on beauty products and only using "safe" ones -and for the most part it has been great. But sometimes its nice to feel a little pampered! so when i ran out of my favourite mineral powder, i decided to order a new one + a mascara also from Bare escentuals + something to keep my hair straight! And it was a hit! I love that Strawberry net puts a ribbon on your package and wraps the mascara (again: why no picture??). The mineral foundation and the hair stuff is great but the mascara?? Such a big disappointment! i actually did not think a mascara could be that bad! It was all over my eyelids when applying and all over my face half an hour later!! And thus, the fourth package: I was so disappointed that i immediately ordered my old clinique mascara again! no smudge! phew. too many words.

▶ Máni: so interesting when animals react to digital sound!
dearme: please don't feel stupid! they are from Pierre Hardy and two years old!
▶ Pisarapilvi: perfect!
Lisen: great that you can't really tell if she loved or hated it !
▶ Fabio Lopes: learn a couple of words and come visit and see if you like it :)
Paula: im not a cat person eihter -but coloured digital ones that you control i like!
▶ Wera: ha ha -so funny not to LIKE burgers!?! i cant imagine! give them another go! get hooked!
Kate: i feel like eating burgers every day now!
▶ Gamze: I had so much trouble with the photosite, but im so happy with the book now!



i L O V E this website i found through the wonderful blog For Me, For You! There is nothing better than stylish websites with no real purpose -okay there is, but they are pretty high up there! Its a whole new way of doing both art and music :)
AND we finally made burgers again the other day -haven't done that in way to long and the last couple of times i have been quite lazy with the fillings, but this time! boy o boy they were goood -Cheddar cheese, bacon, gherkins, uummmmmmm!

▶ Milk tooths..: YES i received the recipe! will try it out soon!
handmade romance: its to die for!
▶ Lisa: i need more cherry trees around me!
Louise: taaaak
▶ J: hi hi -i want sushi too!
Cimba: yes its a box mattress and i sewed the covers my self - i was really lucky to find those pillows! they are really rare :)
▶ Fabio: thats okay -swedes and danes can be quite alike :) Denmark is a really good place to live (even though its freezing cold and raining right now!) but its also a really expensive place to live! Copenhagen is one of the most expensive cities in the world and with the financial crisis jobs don't hang on the trees. Danes are good at finding the light because its so dark and cold so much of the year :)
Lisen: they look so much more sporty than they are, those two :)
▶ Young: :)
Soledad: thank you for the sweet comment! i bet Argentinian/norwegian kids look extremely cute aswell -sounds like a good mix!
▶ Annika: Og fantastisk at jeg kan få alle de gode barndomsminner gennem bloggen!



Sushi leftovers split in half and another thrifting find - made by me! the problem is, Elinor doesn't really need to wear shoes - any good occasions for baby shoe wearing spring to mind? found this list (in danish) yesterday while googling my blog (:)) don't really know what it means but i could show them alot of other good danish photoblogs - like this favourite!

everyone saying such sweet things about my daughter: Thank you! you are too sweet!
Thale: jep - hun får hvidløg. Mosen er blot kogte ærter + oliven olie + hvidløg = blend + mix med mosede kartofler og fennikel
▶ Maria: its still my favourite but i guess its good to try new versions..


thrifting D

D is the master thrifter in this house. he brings little treasures into our home: a Halloween candle holder, a Disney plate  and a crazy great summer outfit for Elinor with a duck on her butt! now we just need some summer weather and a trip to the beach :)

everyone: thank you for all the get-well-wishes - im warming up on white tea with honey and ginger!


at least its spring somewhere

Copenhagen has travelled back in time -to November it seems! its five degrees out side and i have caught some sort of cold :( so im spending the afternoon on the couch with a little bit of spring from all around the world: Terry, Alice, Famapa, Terry, -and you can find more here, here, here, here, here and here.

▶ Lea: Det er slet ikke så svært som jeg havde troet!
milk tooth's rain: Oh do send me that recipe please!
▶ Louise Therese: Det var også dig jeg havde i tankerne -selvom du har den samme kogebog..
Emma: you could easily make a delicious risotto without meat!
Ai: im dying for a mother-version :)


risi e bisi

I only recently started experimenting with risotto and until now i have stayed with a classic white wine and mushrooms risotto, which is a really good combination, but not very spring-like. So i decided to try a spring-risotto from my risotto cook book and ended up with a delicious risi e bisi - risotto with peas, bacon and fennel (don't you find that name excellent?) Elinor got her own variation: mashed potatoes, peas and fennel with garlic! I have thought of returning to the fall risotto though, since the temperature here in copenhagen has dropped to something very fall like

To make risi e bisi you need: risotto rice, vegetable stock, peas, fennel, pancetta or bacon, onions, parsley, butter and parmigiana. ▶ Fry onions + bacon + fennel ▶ Add peas and some stock ▶ add rice and stir ▶ add stock as it is absorbed ▶ take off the heat and add parsley, butter and parmigiana and leave for a few minutes. Enjoy! -uh and the bright green stuff on the side is boiled peas + garlic + olive oil!

Katrine: Ja, man kan få meget tid til at gå med literal videos på you tube!
Stuffedmice: I know what you mean about consumption! its so easy to focus on "things" and i do need a good amount of delicious coffee and beautiful things, but you have to mix it up! don't be one sided and always try to add some value - something surprising! (I love the player as well - its important to have a neat player :))
Mus: She is a cute cutie!