I might as well start my music-blogging right away! I listen to this song almost everyday at the moment and often Elinor and I dance to it. Im so in love with the drums and they live full time in my head. The song is by Marybell Katastrophy, is called Difference and is brand new. The plan is to release different versions of Difference and you will be able to buy a subscription to the number -you decide what to pay and receive all future versions of the number as they are released! Read more about Difference and Marybell Katastrophy on their blog! -and okay, full disclosure: Marybell Katastrophy is my sisters band, its her beautiful voice on the number and i did the graphics for them :) (if you read this post in your rss-reader you won't be able to listen to the song! so click through and stop by Ungt blod or Marybell Katastrophys blog)

▶ Maria: I would love love love to see the process of your art projects! that would be so inspiring! i love it when you focus on the process as much as on the finished result!
Nath: I know! whats with the man lying on the ground?? Personality is key to the personal blog for sure!!
Dessa: I hope you like this song! AND i received the fantastic package from you today!! the coffee looks sooo good!
Emma: I might post more about the assignment! its is a very interesting subject, especially when you blog yourself! we focus alot on the importance of network and dialogue in blogging
bawkbawk: I love the idea of being less of a perfectionist! as i wrote to Maria i think its so important to show your process aswell as your finished project -not to be afraid to show mistakes even!


Fenke said...

i really like the song! exactly the kind of music i am into right now: a little electro, but still melodic!

Anonymous said...

hvor er det et fedt koncept, at udgive nye udgaver af samme nummer løbende! lækker sang også!

Maria said...

what a great song, really!! I also feel the drums, and her voice is perfect. I remember the cover you did for them, it's also very great! 2 very talented sisters;)

dessa said...

it's such a fun song( i mean it in a best possible way)and looove the drums.
your sister's got a great voice!
i'm glad you've got it,you coffee addict!

stuffedmice said...

i love the player, so neat and smart! the music must wait for the guests to leave and then i'll play it loud:)