Sushi leftovers split in half and another thrifting find - made by me! the problem is, Elinor doesn't really need to wear shoes - any good occasions for baby shoe wearing spring to mind? found this list (in danish) yesterday while googling my blog (:)) don't really know what it means but i could show them alot of other good danish photoblogs - like this favourite!

everyone saying such sweet things about my daughter: Thank you! you are too sweet!
Thale: jep - hun får hvidløg. Mosen er blot kogte ærter + oliven olie + hvidløg = blend + mix med mosede kartofler og fennikel
▶ Maria: its still my favourite but i guess its good to try new versions..


milk tooth's rain said...

Kids shoes are so nice!
Cool to be in that list I'll check if I know other blogs ;)

ps: did you received the recipe?

lisen said...

nice shoes, both of them! So sporty!
And the colours in this post, mm!

louise said...

det er en virkelig flot lilla, dit skærebræt har!

J said...

Cute shoes. I could really go for some sushi right now!

young said...

Du er helt vildt sød!
Tak :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blogg ! It is very inspiring. I am from Argentina and live in Buenos Aires with my (norwegian) husband and two kids.
By the way...your daughter is divine just like you.

dearme said...

oh gosh i feel so stupid asking, but where did your husband get those shoes? they're fantastic.

also, sushi is delicious! and i love your purple cutting board. (:

jokemijn said...

oh, the little shoes are the cutest! does she really need a reason to wear them, other than being fashionable? :)