Sorry for the lack of posts these days - i have lend out my computer to a friend which always makes blogging a bit more difficult. Meanwhile i have these two happy places for you to visit on the internet: Lili Scratchy and Misako Mimoko - just then names tells you you are on to something good! I always break into a huge smile everytime i visit their blogs! They both take part in this project!


lili scratchy said...

thank you so much!!
I'm so happy to be in your blog ;)
A big Hello to your wonderfull Elinor!

Johanna said...

Thanks for the tips!
Just have to say that I always break into smile when I visit YOUR blog!

Lisen said...


emma said...

somethin good always comes out of ...well. stuff. lending out computers and so on. :D

misako mimoko said...

Thank you again ;)!!!
it's a pleasure being in such a good company
hehe! love those gifs too, elinor dancing is so funny and cute.
Have a wonderful week!

melly said...

I can't not smile looking at these two pictures, it's so immensely HAPPY!

Nerida Hansen said...

hej, i just found your blog from design files here in Australia- my husband Morten and I really miss the "hygge" of danish living, the summer time and our familyin Copenhagen- looking at your blog is a wonderful reminder- I love it! Nerida Hansen