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another addition to the blog is a new "i like" section in the sidebar. I have been inspired by Hannas "current obsessions" and will in the "i like" section list ..well, things i like :) it can be songs, blogs, videos, links or just things, moods, words. Updated when ever i like something new.

▶ Fenke: Cool! then you should definitely check out more of their music, cus it is exactly that: elctro but melodic!
Millosblog: ja, jeg er også vild med abonnementstanken!
▶ Natalia: i hope you find it, im really happy with it and i love that you can actually get the perfect foam at home!
Cimba: welcome! i hope you stick around! I did make the sofa myself. Its an old bed with some huge pillows added! really easy to make and quite useful -especially when evening turns to night and guests decide to stay over! i love when that happens!
▶ Maria: oh thank you for that! i love her voice too!
Trine: JA! kunne ikke forstå, at ikke andre kommenterede på det! så absurd!
▶ Dessa: Those drums just gets in you body! i can't wait to try the coffee! such beautiful packaging!


Katrine Ny said...

God idé!
Hvor er det skægt med den dér Bonnie Tyler video, haha.
Glæder mig til at følge med i, hvad du ellers løbende like'r... :)

cimba said...

Thanks a lot for your reply!
Your DIY sofa is fabulous, I used to have a similar one, with the base made of recycled pallets and a single mattress on it, but I couldnt find very big and comfy cushions like yours...I bought a pair of Ikea ones that were big enough but not "fat" enough! What's your sofa base made of? it's a bed? and, you sewed the pillowcases yourself? (sorry if it seems i'm obsessed).