k u s a m a

I am in a Kusama kind of mood today! its a good thing! its inspirational! its wanting to create and to stand out! I have until the 13th of june to drag myself to Louisiana and experience one of her creations myself.

▶ Fenke: Oh my - i almost cried when i read your comment!
FanFan Rose: Thank you! i received your email but have had computer troubles this week so im a bit behind!
▶ Emma: For the first time i really appreciated that the midwife decided she came 16.31 and not 16.30
Saga: I never wear a watch so this is perfect
▶ Whitney: Yes! D can sometimes be anti classic date-romance, but then he does something like this!
Dessa: Very stylish!
▶ Lisen: Just wait -you will get your "own time" at some point - what ever the reason - and that will be the perfect moment to get that tattoo!
Katrine Ny: Jeg havde ønsket mig uret længe, men aldrig tænkt at det skulle vise et bestemt klokkeslet, men det her er så perfekt og gør at jeg får sug i maven hver gang jeg ser det!
▶ Alaina: Im glad you appreciate that photo of her - i find it very telling too!
mieke willems: things with nice stories are the best
▶ Sisterbrandt: og det fås i mange stilarter..
Sammy Rose: this comment made me smile over and over
▶ Steph: D is always soo good with the surprise gifts! i can never catch up!
lovelyrita: Thank you for your comment! i use an Olympus E-520. Its not a classic choice in dslr but it was a good deal at the time and im really happy with it
▶ Maria: I know that maybeline is a classic, but sometimes its nice with something a little more advanced! the clinique one is working out well! stays on all day - and even when i take Elinor swimming!
Tiffany: both the man and the watch :)
▶ Ponies and purple: you can spend HOURS pouring sand on your screen if you let your self!
Jordan: That sounds really interesting!


dessa said...

oh dear.
lucky,lucky you!
drag yourself!

melly said...

Like Dessa said, drag yourself if you have the means to go!! I think life would change after experiencing this cool type of madness.

Essi said...

Woaah. She´s crazysexycool. I stumbled upon one great work of her (Dots Obsession) in Bangkok last winter.

millo said...


brugte iøvrigt hele dagen igår (næsten) på Rafaël Rozendaal.. ligefør du aldrig skulle have nævnt ham for mig, heh!!

Veja cecilia said...

have loved her work forever. drag yourself there and deliver some fantastic photos!

Maria said...

Wooah..! that looks so crazy! really cool: GO!

Katrine Ny said...

Aj, nogle fede billeder. Kan især godt lide det rød-prikkede rum!
Du MÅ altså afsted til Louisiana snart! Installationen deroppe er så fed!

Brit said...

Very cool! I saw something like the last 2 pictures in a museum in Phoenix... Lights everywhere in a dark room with mirror ceiling, walls and ground! Was pretty fun!

gracia said...

I so enjoyed seeing her exhibition in Vienna years and years and years ago now. It was utterly incredible to walk through and be a part of. So great.

jokemijn said...

get over there! she's so funny and a little crazy :) A conversation about her artwork brought me and my boyfriend together.