i L O V E this website i found through the wonderful blog For Me, For You! There is nothing better than stylish websites with no real purpose -okay there is, but they are pretty high up there! Its a whole new way of doing both art and music :)
AND we finally made burgers again the other day -haven't done that in way to long and the last couple of times i have been quite lazy with the fillings, but this time! boy o boy they were goood -Cheddar cheese, bacon, gherkins, uummmmmmm!

▶ Milk tooths..: YES i received the recipe! will try it out soon!
handmade romance: its to die for!
▶ Lisa: i need more cherry trees around me!
Louise: taaaak
▶ J: hi hi -i want sushi too!
Cimba: yes its a box mattress and i sewed the covers my self - i was really lucky to find those pillows! they are really rare :)
▶ Fabio: thats okay -swedes and danes can be quite alike :) Denmark is a really good place to live (even though its freezing cold and raining right now!) but its also a really expensive place to live! Copenhagen is one of the most expensive cities in the world and with the financial crisis jobs don't hang on the trees. Danes are good at finding the light because its so dark and cold so much of the year :)
Lisen: they look so much more sporty than they are, those two :)
▶ Young: :)
Soledad: thank you for the sweet comment! i bet Argentinian/norwegian kids look extremely cute aswell -sounds like a good mix!
▶ Annika: Og fantastisk at jeg kan få alle de gode barndomsminner gennem bloggen!


lisen said...

Stina loved (or hated?) that cat-site!! hahahaha!

máni said...

yeah! the site is great. i already bookmarked it, because my sister's cat is coming tomorrow and stays at my place for a week. i guess we will have much fun with the cat sounds. :)

Fabio Lopes said...

your food always looks delicious! look at that burger! and look at those fries! i want it all!

that meowmania website is awesome! i laughed so much when it came the first meow!

and i see, so maybe it isn't a good idea to try denmark right now, is that? i was hoping to learn danish first. you danes are so beautiful.

Pisarapilvi said...

that meowsite made my day!

PaulaQ said...

Oh, I hate cats....I would prefer the burger....(I can feel a big whole in my tummy even I had lunch a few minutes ago)

wera said...

Dude. I haven't eaten a burger since I was what, eight? because I simply don't LIKE them, but nontheless this delicious photo almost makes me crave burgers.

Kate said...

isn't it the best? I made it my desktop background on my computer.

that burger looks AMAZING.

dessa said...

as soon as i clicked site buzz came here haha:)
he looooooves cats in his own singular way.with potatoes and olives.

STEFANIE said...

Haha yes I love that cat-site too! You know what's another great useless site?! - just click through on 'enter' and you'll be able to make your very own jackson pollock piece of artw haha :)

millo said...

er vild med sider som meowmania! flere af dem, tak