postman postman

I love packages! actually i hate it when the postman rings our door because he rings sooo loong and Rufus starts barking and wakes up Elinor.. But i L O V E packages! Last week i received four! Number one: del-i-ci-ous coffee from SWEET Dessa! just because she know i love coffee! It is fair traid and bio and soo good! i just finished the Ethiopian = perfect! Number two: Sara from Lost Bird Found (great name!) sent me two cool totebags and a fortune telling fish -why don't i have a photo of that fish? it was so funny - you put it in your palm and it tells you the truth! Thank you Sara! The two last packages were stuff i ordered from this great shop. Especially since i got pregnant i have cut way back on beauty products and only using "safe" ones -and for the most part it has been great. But sometimes its nice to feel a little pampered! so when i ran out of my favourite mineral powder, i decided to order a new one + a mascara also from Bare escentuals + something to keep my hair straight! And it was a hit! I love that Strawberry net puts a ribbon on your package and wraps the mascara (again: why no picture??). The mineral foundation and the hair stuff is great but the mascara?? Such a big disappointment! i actually did not think a mascara could be that bad! It was all over my eyelids when applying and all over my face half an hour later!! And thus, the fourth package: I was so disappointed that i immediately ordered my old clinique mascara again! no smudge! phew. too many words.

▶ Máni: so interesting when animals react to digital sound!
dearme: please don't feel stupid! they are from Pierre Hardy and two years old!
▶ Pisarapilvi: perfect!
Lisen: great that you can't really tell if she loved or hated it !
▶ Fabio Lopes: learn a couple of words and come visit and see if you like it :)
Paula: im not a cat person eihter -but coloured digital ones that you control i like!
▶ Wera: ha ha -so funny not to LIKE burgers!?! i cant imagine! give them another go! get hooked!
Kate: i feel like eating burgers every day now!
▶ Gamze: I had so much trouble with the photosite, but im so happy with the book now!


Emily Salomon said...

Pakker er det bedste :D
Er altså ved at opbygge et veritabelt cyber-crush på Rufus, eller det er lidt lyv har også set ham i virkeligheden, men det var inden jeg begyndte at læse med her ;)
I må endelig sige til hvis han skal passes!

Caro said...

Strawberrynet has sent me expired products once. I have never placed an order since then.
I love the Organic NVeyEco black mascara!

gamze said...

i love shipping posts.those are superlovely. and that green sticker is like was my boyfriends birthday and i gave him 8 package =) he also loves packages so i didn't opened them. but one package from tate shop has disapointed me they send the wrong pantone mug. it would be ok if they send wrong color but they send some ugly striped one.luckily i gave him 7 more gift package and he was happy =) oh i write so much

lina said...

PACKAGES!! the are one of my favorite things for sure. i've been catching up on your posts, nice to see you added some music! i'm going to have me a listen. hope your family is happy : )

Marthe said...

You're so lucky to receive so many packages! :D

dessa said...

you're already done with Ethiopian!
boy oh boy,you're a serious coffee drinker.:)
the postman really hit hard on that coffee, maybe he's bored to ring you often to give you packages. we have a similar postman like that :).
that bags are lovely!
i love shopping posts Mette,more often ,the better.
we need to get in superlative conspiracy and get richer!and spend all or money online.:)

sopchan said...

Haha - yes lots of words - I can sense your excitement at packages... yes they are great! Bad mascaras are so annoying (and expensive mistakes!) I use Clinique most often too, either power lash if it has to be waterproof or naturally glossy...

Megan said...

ah!!! bare minerals! seriously, the best foundation...and thanks for the review on the mascara...I've been buying a bit more of their other products lately, so that's good to know!

Tuilie said...

Hey! If you want great natural mascara, try 100% Pure. I'm very demanding when it comes to mascara and this one is close to perfect :) And is smells soooooo good.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you liked the package. It is funny that the previous post is about my friend Kate!
Hooray! Packages!
P.S I never can find a good mascara! It is very annoying.

Maria said...

GREAT! I also love strawberrynet. and i.d. mineral powder is the best! good to know about the sounds horrible! right now I have a very good one from make up store but still my all time favourite is the cheapy great lash mascara from maybelline;)