▶ ▶ ▶ The Ungt Blod Pizza Guide!

Okay okay, here it is: My guide to making pizza! I would just like to start by noting that this is just the way i do it and i do not claim to know what im doing, but we do like our pizza: in the last two weeks we might have had pizza 7-9 times! delicious! Okay, here we go, this is going to be a long story:

The first step is the dough. I base it on some tips i got from my brother in law the idea is one part water + one part flour, wait, repeat, wait + one part flour So for example for this portion (which will make up to six pizze) i took 2,5 dl water, added 10g yeast + some salt added 2,5 dl flour (this time i experimented and used a little full grain spelt, which worked out good) and then i let it sit for an hour after the hour i add 2,5 dl water + 2,5 dl flour and waited let it rise for another hour finally i added 2,5 dl flour and split the dough into six parts i added enough flour to each part to make it firm enough to shape. not very precise instructions, i know, but you need to experiment. leave the dough for 20-30 min - i place the dough in the fridge and take it out as i make the pizze one by one.

My tip about choosing flour is looking a something high in protein. This will make the dough more elastic!

Now if i should choose the most important tip for making good pizza at home it is without a doubt: GET A PIZZA STONE! This is a round, flat stone that you heat up in your oven and then you bake the pizza directly on it Your oven should be turned up to the max (300 on ours) and then wait for 10-15 minutes after the oven says its hot enough. Then the pizza stone is heated all the way through and you will get the most crispy crust!

Roll out a piece of dough - i use a glass bottle - in plenty of durum flour so it is completely non-sticky! place the dough on a light cutting board (you will use this to slide the pizza on to the stone - if you have a pizza peel - lucky you) then add tomato purée in a thin layer

after having experimented a lot with the tomato sauce i finally settle on this very quick and easy solution with plain tomato purée -its simply the best! sometimes i will add some puréed sun dried tomatoes - thats good too. add cheese and other toppings you want baked - like sausage (i often use salchichón or chorizo) or mushrooms or thinly sliced potatoes!

slide the pizza on to the hot hot pizza stone. This is difficult! Sometimes i fail. I really want a pizza peel... If you give up on the whole sliding thing, an alternative is placing the pizza on baking parchment which will slide much easier, but you will loose some of the goodness in the crust! The pizza will be done after about 7-8 minutes - this depends a lot on the oven so just check on it after a few minutes and take it out when you like how it looks.

 ▶ Then add any fresh toppings you desire: I like fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, arugula, fresh basil or thyme, parmesan, chopped black olives, pesto, prosciutto... not all at the same time, but they can be combined in many delicious ways!

finally i put a cup of olive oil with garlic and chopped, fresh basil on the table to drizzle over the pizza.

And there you have it! all the delicious pizza you desire! its actually really easy and quick - you can make a big batch of dough as i do and keep it in the fridge for later in the week -or in the freezer for even later! That way you avoid the only step that takes time and that you have to plan. I hope you will all go experiment and PLEASE: send me your favourite toppings! i need new inspiration!


everyday moments

1 don't you just want to be this dog sometimes? not a thing to do
2 how brilliant does Elinor look with glasses??? i just love the look!
3 There is a couple who lives in the buildings across the street from us. Every time the sun is shining they bring out their picnic basket and chequered tablecloth and have dinner in the green
4 D and I have taken up card-playing :) we mostly play Chinese Whist -and don't really keep score. We also play a game of identifying samplings and playing the original and the sampling for Elinor. Here are two good ones: original (if in a hurry - jump to 1.29) - sampling  and in danish: original + sampling

Maria: uhh i want a walk in pantry!
▶ Stine Marie: how fun! thank you so much for the award!!
Gracia: Chocolate works all year around!
▶ Lisen: yes yes indeed!
Alta Somers: Uh i would like some fresh strawberries! wish i had a little strawberry field in my back yard - wish i had a back yard :)


red berries

not many things screams of summer like strawberries with cream! D's sister visited this weekend and we ate lots of strawberries with cream, rolled around on the sofa and elinor enjoyed hanging out with her aunt! (that dog is so gifable) - coming up soon: posts about shoes and pizza

CMitchell: No im sorry, i don't! ask Kate!
Gamze: I love it when city-planners finally get creative
Kathrine + Lina + Melissa: uhhh i think i will let the suspense built and do a post about the shoes this week :=
Veja cecila: The pizza guide will be up this week! i promise!



The area where i live has been undergoing renovations and i really appreciate their use of triangles. How sweet of them to think of me! + i cleaned a cupboard and labelled containers! exiting!

▶ Clara: I will do my absolute best!
Saga: Good to know!!
▶ Lisen: Tell them i like them too!
ponies and purple: i have been in love with those totem cups for EVER! maybe i should just give in and buy them..
▶ Kate: Some how i knew you would like it :)
Louise: tak :)
▶ Melissa: D just came home with a bag full of more nostalgic vinyls!
Whitney: When Elinor sees the iphone there is NO stopping her :) and she slides her fingers across it!
▶ Malthe: Fantastisk at du har starte din egen blog! held og lykke og tak for den søde kommentar
Anonymous 1: thank you
▶ Anonymous 2: jeg kan nu faktisk godt lide de pinde :)
Maria: hope you had a wonderful midsommer!
▶ Gracia: and i just bought another poster....
Kristine: still haven't figured it out where it will go... hmmmmmm
▶ Stuffedmice: uhh that might be a good idea!


even more loot

another great find from our trip to the suburbs - im having a really hard time finding a place for it though. I think it needs some neon colour next to it + space -and we almost have no wall space left..

▶ Flora: it could be the start of a whole new collection
BB: i loved listening to stories when i was a kid! and yes, it is great when you have to create the pictures yourself!
▶ Naomemandeflores + stuffedmice: yeah, the colours and design is so great!
Dessa: i love vinyls, but we were just talking the other day about how tapes are so good for kids to handle! hard to break and tape recorders always had great buttons! then again -elibnor already knows how to handle an iphone.. almost.


more loot

i have a lot more loot to show you. This is a real scoop: four Disney vinyls with stories and songs! I looove Mary Poppins! I know all the lyrics to the songs, but only in english so supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sounds even more crazy simultaneously in English and Danish!

▶ Everyone: Pizza guide coming up the next time i make some!
Parisa Mahmoud: its the standard lens that came with the camera :) olympus digital ed 14-43 mm 1:3.5-5.6
▶ Sanna Mathilda: Odders are very common here -we were lucky enough inherit ours from D's cousin!
Birthe: Its Of Montreal and the song is Eros' Entropic Tundra -im gonna listen to Of Montreal all summer!
▶ Tara: There all ready is a coffee guide! -its in the "how to" category way down in the bottom of the sidebar! and here


pizza pizza pizza

this week i made pizza four days in a row. thats how much we love pizza. if you want me to i will make an ungt blod pizza guide soon? (the second photo is from an unrelated summer hailstorm the other day -you see the hail?)

▶ Lisen: Rufus does not like the pram (barnevogn)! so often we walk elinor and rufus separately which is a shame!
Aliliisa: Thank you so much - i love how D's vinyl collection looks too! its a good backdrop for photos!
▶ B: Velkommen hjem og vi ses snart!
Mieke Willems: :)
▶ Linn: Tak! håber du også kan lide resten af bloggen!
Lina: thank you!


i like

part of my summer soundtrack is in the "i like"-player now + other good stuff ▶


we found some real treasures on our day trip! i feel like rearranging the whole apartment -i always get that way in the summer- only problem is that i have so many good things i don't know what to get rid of...

▶ Kate: yeah me too!
Jokemijn: ha ha -yes! our sweet little octopus! i like that!
▶ When skies..: she is almost not a baby anymore!! sometimes i look at her and think: wow she is really a kid already!
Saga: jep! legs in the air at all times!
▶ Emma: yeah its the perfect daddy-photo - even if he is giving me the finger in the second one .... :)
Anonymous: tak! det er godt med en lækker lort!
▶ lili: those tights are from when i was a baby
Gracia: thank you! happy weekend!



We took a little trip to Rødovre - not a very typical place to go out of your way to visit, but it was beautiful on this sunny day and in the library there were some librarians who had waited a long time to meet Elinor. Dennis worked there until last summer so he showed me around town.

BB: good to hear from you again! and yes -dozing is a classic holiday activity that men do best!
▶ Lisen: ha ha -you would make an odd couple you and Viveca :) - and maybe i will do a wall-post about the comic one day and tell you the story!
Dessa: for as long as i can remember i have made it a principle to stay white all year round so im always covered in factor 30 sun screen :)
▶ Maria: oh so sad that you lost it! and really interesting that you always end up with really few photos of two people who spend so much time together!


the wall III

here is another photo from our kitchen photo wall -its me and D when we went to Mallorca with my family three years ago. Its one of the few photos of us together that we have and i had a huge print made. Somehow its the perfect portrait of the two of us -in those delicious pink chairs in the shadow.

▶everyone: i love how you all took to the poop - we love him too - and in time we can use it to show elinor where poops go... :) I will encourage my friend to mass produce the poop!



I love having creative friends! our good friend Therese (who just had a little boy named Nor :) ) made us this cool, well, poop!

▶ everyone: we had so much fun and im so relieved that we manage to keep it a secret and really surprised her!