as good as it gets

D finished his exams with flying colours and we celebrated with lots and lots of delicious food. Now summer can really begin (its pouring rain outside, so i guess somebody didn't get the news). This is a modification of a dessert thought up by my friend Louise. The original consists of vanilla ice cream, peppermint chocolate and milk -and i added raspberries and fresh mint leaves

▶ Emma: no it was too good to allow it to die so we fought for it and got it going! go amager go!
Dianasdays: oh what a good and reasonable explanation! now i don't think the magpie is all crazy
▶ Benedikte: klæbe-folie!
Gamze: ha ha i don't know battlestar galactica so any inspiration was purely subconscious - or unconscious
▶ Linn: send mig en mail -jeg hører nogle gange om ledige steder, så kan jeg sende dem videre til dig!
Louise: selvfølgelig (ps. skal du ikke have din egen blog??)
Dessa: that is exactly what it is: peaceful yet not boring! ( though sometimes not peaceful either: yesterday there were two bank robberies just around the corner and i was woken in the middle of the night by somebody playing Pearl Jam's Jeremy ( really really loud - i haven't heard that song in years!) 


Lyle said...

these pictures are so beautiful. the colors are so rich!

máni said...

congratulations to dennis! and your friend louise must be a genius for inventing that dessert. your version looks divine! i need to make that right now!!!

emma said...

GRATTIS DENNIS!!!!!!! dont mind the rain. its your day for f*ck sake. :) hurra!

lina said...

wooo hooo for dennis!!

for some reason, the first thing i thought when i saw your photos is "wow! did she make a smoothie from those flowers??" lol. i think just because they are very similar in color : )

lisen said...

Hurra! Congrats to D!!
what a beautiful ground with all the pink flowers..! Flower-rain is pouring? That's nice!

jokemijn said...

it looks like you've added some flowers to your dessert :) before i read it i doubted the deliciousness, but now i'm quite sure it was heavenly.

dessa said...

that's fun :)
i need to try that stuff you're holding in your hands.looks so fantastic.gnam.

oh and, that's a sad song.hope you're neighbor didn't feel that sad.:(.
maybe he just thought of evocative old school days!

Maria said...

Grattis Dennis!! med pompa och ståt:)
celebrating with lots of food sounds like a perfect way:) and the milkshake looks soo good!

+lovely flower/tree pictures, wow!

Ella said...

Ooh, the lovely colours of the leaves.

whitney said...

these flowers look sad to me. sad or, post-apocalyptic maybe?
but i don't want to put a damper on a cheerful blog-post, so congratulations to your man!

ps: i think you should make a sun-hat for elinor so i can copy it, because mine actually did not turn out so well! i need a different structure i think. :)

Brit said...

That dessert sounds (and looks) heavenly! I'm going to try it this weekend.. Have a good one!