The area where i live has been undergoing renovations and i really appreciate their use of triangles. How sweet of them to think of me! + i cleaned a cupboard and labelled containers! exiting!

▶ Clara: I will do my absolute best!
Saga: Good to know!!
▶ Lisen: Tell them i like them too!
ponies and purple: i have been in love with those totem cups for EVER! maybe i should just give in and buy them..
▶ Kate: Some how i knew you would like it :)
Louise: tak :)
▶ Melissa: D just came home with a bag full of more nostalgic vinyls!
Whitney: When Elinor sees the iphone there is NO stopping her :) and she slides her fingers across it!
▶ Malthe: Fantastisk at du har starte din egen blog! held og lykke og tak for den søde kommentar
Anonymous 1: thank you
▶ Anonymous 2: jeg kan nu faktisk godt lide de pinde :)
Maria: hope you had a wonderful midsommer!
▶ Gracia: and i just bought another poster....
Kristine: still haven't figured it out where it will go... hmmmmmm
▶ Stuffedmice: uhh that might be a good idea!


gamze said...

oh it's super cool and good design it takes things in but does not let anything to go out

kathrine said...

i think it means that you are now living in the triangle-area of copenhagen ;) your shoes are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!! what are they from? please please make a post about your shoes one day! all the best, kathrine

lina said...

your shoes are a w e s o m e !!!
what are they?

melissa chan said...

yes what shoes are those you are wearing? they look awesome


Maria said...

cool triangles! how perfect;)
and I love those little containers! I need to do the our kitchen we have 3 kitchen pantrys/storages, one that you can walk in and it's a huge mess, not so fresh!

lisen said...

lovley shoes, yesyes!!