everyday moments

1 don't you just want to be this dog sometimes? not a thing to do
2 how brilliant does Elinor look with glasses??? i just love the look!
3 There is a couple who lives in the buildings across the street from us. Every time the sun is shining they bring out their picnic basket and chequered tablecloth and have dinner in the green
4 D and I have taken up card-playing :) we mostly play Chinese Whist -and don't really keep score. We also play a game of identifying samplings and playing the original and the sampling for Elinor. Here are two good ones: original (if in a hurry - jump to 1.29) - sampling  and in danish: original + sampling

Maria: uhh i want a walk in pantry!
▶ Stine Marie: how fun! thank you so much for the award!!
Gracia: Chocolate works all year around!
▶ Lisen: yes yes indeed!
Alta Somers: Uh i would like some fresh strawberries! wish i had a little strawberry field in my back yard - wish i had a back yard :)


lisen said...

these pics made me laugh!
I felt just like Elinore looks in that picture.. last thursday at the dentist, I was laying there with 1000 things in my open poor mouth, and then they put glasses on me?? WHY?? I wondered. Are they going to make fun of me and put it up on FB? haha. But it was safety glasses to protect me from the laser the had to use..

lina said...

this is such a cute story about your neighbors. i love little stories like that : )
elinore is rocking those frames!

Sarah Carlson said...

Jeez, your little Pointdexter looks cute with glasses on!!! It kind of makes you think though of when you were a kid yourself and your parents insisted you wear something because they thought it made you look cute, and at the same time you just didn't have the vocabulary or insight to explain that you wanted to look cool in the eyes of your peers and not the grown-ups!

So maybe think twice before sending her to daycare like that...;O)

lea said...

how funny, NE and i have noticed that couple as well : ) i love the elinor-with-glasses look as well!

sopchan said...

love the glasses too!

Mette, could you tell me what kind of material you use for cutting out your decals? Every time I see a triangle pattern I think of you, you know! :)

emma said...

thos neighbours, doin the right thing. know how to live their lifes!

Katrine Ny said...

Skønne, skønne hverdagsbilleder - allesammen!

And A said...

Hi! I have just found your blog and l'm in LOVE! I too have a little one, Mr Archie, he and Elinor would make very cute friends! You photography is beautiful and has inspired me to get rid of my 'happy snapper' and get a grown up camera - what do you have?
Alarna x

Saga said...

Haha, the picture of Elinor is priceless! I just had to make a quick drawing from it, you can see it here http://www.flickr.com/photos/51163074@N05/4749778760/ But I must say nothing beats the original :)