we found some real treasures on our day trip! i feel like rearranging the whole apartment -i always get that way in the summer- only problem is that i have so many good things i don't know what to get rid of...

▶ Kate: yeah me too!
Jokemijn: ha ha -yes! our sweet little octopus! i like that!
▶ When skies..: she is almost not a baby anymore!! sometimes i look at her and think: wow she is really a kid already!
Saga: jep! legs in the air at all times!
▶ Emma: yeah its the perfect daddy-photo - even if he is giving me the finger in the second one .... :)
Anonymous: tak! det er godt med en lækker lort!
▶ lili: those tights are from when i was a baby
Gracia: thank you! happy weekend!

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