There is an incredibly cheeky magpie living in our courtyard - in these pictures it is hopping back and forth making loud noises and pecking at William the cats tail! William ended up leaving. (i love the word magpie - its sounds like a delicious pie!)

▶ Máni: Thanks!
hvor kragerne: ha ha - det ER svært at stoppe når man først er gået igang!
▶ Siri: Yes i really think purple is her colour!
Maria: Congratulations on the new computer! it can be such a relief with some new, sleak and quick equipment!
▶ milk tooth's rain: yeah im practising letting go!
Whithney: sometimes nothing beats a can of coke! -and thank you for the comment on Amager am see too! its two places close to where we live
▶ Infing: :9
Lisen: i miss your blog!
▶ K: its quite fun to play around with gifs!


emma said...

haha, like a delicious pie. :) i wonder what (if) it says to that cat. i wanna know the thoughts of animals. whats inside their heads..

POP LIFE said...

carini :-)

gracia said...

Maggies are so bold and hilarious. And I also find it fun to say... it reminds me of "Mag-n-pies" in My Family and Other Animals.

Sammy Rose said...

vi har också en väldigt retlig skata här hemma. den låter aldrig katten vara.

jag och jens stod just i vårt köksfönster och tittade på hur skatan hoppade efter Bosse the cat. här slutade det också med att katten gick därifrån.

Maria said...

hahaha, love the combination cat vs magpie! william sure looks a bit irritated.. amazing that he doesn't attack the magpie! maybe he knows that it's no use..

Anonymous said...

A nest of the bird is somewhere close I guess... and it is trying to get your cat's attention that it doesn't hurt bird's babies.