red berries

not many things screams of summer like strawberries with cream! D's sister visited this weekend and we ate lots of strawberries with cream, rolled around on the sofa and elinor enjoyed hanging out with her aunt! (that dog is so gifable) - coming up soon: posts about shoes and pizza

CMitchell: No im sorry, i don't! ask Kate!
Gamze: I love it when city-planners finally get creative
Kathrine + Lina + Melissa: uhhh i think i will let the suspense built and do a post about the shoes this week :=
Veja cecila: The pizza guide will be up this week! i promise!


gracia said...

Strawberries! Yep, one of the best things about summer is all the heavenly fruit on offer. Shall console self with winter's version of the same... hmm... what could it be? Oh well, chocolate it is then.

Alta Somers said...

Love the berries.
I just went strawberry picking myself, they're so good this time of the year!

milk tooth's rain said...

do you make by yourself the dough for pizza? I am not properly able to do it (I'd be happy if you'd send me the receipe)..

Emma Margareta said...

Indeed a very gifable dog!!

"Infing" said...

Hello dog, you are crazy! ;-)

A Merry Mishap said...

I like the TV in the background.
I've seen this on Sandra's blog too, how do you do this?