the wall IV

Me and my father on one of his birthdays. It was always a tradition in our home that the birthdayholder would be presented with a delicious breakfast-table and i usually did the eye-covering.


War of the worlds

A crazy 70's musical version of War of the worlds! nice artwork though



what to do

I have this beautiful piece of pipe-poetry lying around and i don't really know what to do with it -make something of it, but what?? We bought it on this trip where we also found, among other good stuff, this fabulous fisher-price phone where the receiver jumps up and down when the phone rings.



I have several friends who are travelling for weeks and weeks all summer visiting far away places - i miss them but im not really jealous! every time i go somewhere im confirmed in the fact that i only like travelling in small doses! a week tops! after that i want to be home! i neeeed to be home. 1+2: relaxing in a beautiful garden. 3+4+5: cute packages from sweet people. 6+7: i made some clothes for elinor -the striped pants are a copy of the red ones that are from when i was a baby!



Yesterday we visited the opening of the exhibition YES/NO -a subjective definition of synergy at Kastrupgårdsamlingen. Some friends of mine put it all together and even participated and besides being a beautiful evening with sweet people and music the exhibition was really interesting! 29 different artists and a very diverse visual expression. Worth a visit for sure! the exhibition runs until the 30th!

▶ Johanna: :) tusind tak!
Lisen: oh how cool that you have been there! im SO bad at amusementparks! we will have to find somebody else to take elinor there when she is older!
▶ Ms. L: ha ha -thats one scary bunny!!
Sandra: I think its so funny that even when we talk about how Dennis and Johan could be brothers i didn't for a second think about how much we look alike! Rufus is a happy dog now!
▶ frk garsdal: Tak skal du have! er glad for at du vil læse med!
Ida: Tak for tippet!
▶ Emma: Go get a soft ice! right now! either with chocolate sprinkles or with real chocolate!
Young: Hurra! armbåndene er på vej!


and the winner is + Bakken

1. the summer pictures i showed you before our Göteborg trip were from a friends parents' house where we stayed for a week while they were away. As you saw it was paradise and really close to an animal park and the amusement park Bakken. I have never visited it before - and don't think i will be going back any time soon - but it was quite the experience and we ate bøfsandwich and soft ice.

2. The winner of TWO tickets to all three days of Trailerpark Festival by lucky draw is...... YOUNG from the blog Half girl! Congratulations! im a only a little bit jealous..
Thank you for all the great music suggestions and for playing along!!

▶ Jokemijn: indeed!
Irene: thank you - and yeah, the food was delicious, even though pizza and sushi isn't very scandinavian :)
▶ Schorlemädchen: non of the people i told understood why we were going there instead of stockholm but i knew i would feel at home there!
Priscila: Thank you! i will stop by your blog - it sounds interesting with the magazine!
▶ Mei: Thank you so much!
Sopchan: Im think that all bloggers all over the world look alike :)
▶ Whitney: yeah, there was a huuuuge park just behind our hostel! it was great
Lisen: Shes the only one who knows how to pose!
▶ Katrine: :) Elgen var bag hegn i dyrehaven i Slottsskogen -rigtig fedt at se en egl, men jeg ville også gerne møde en i skoven engang!



Thats the last photos from göteborg! im so happy i got to see a moose! or three actually! and i just realised that if it wasn't for Sandra's glasses we looked like the strangest double date -you see the resemblance?

Irene: I think the sign is SO funny! behind it was a steep hill and i really think whoever came up with that sign is brilliant!
Lisen: Me too -and these people even made an effort to make it look like a cool place for a dog to take a drink! Rufus isn't allowed into sweden though, so we ofcourse talked to every dog we met on our way :) People in sweden have more interesting dogs! in Denmark its all muscle dogs or dansk svensk gårdhund :)
Lundt: Oh they are beautiful -thank you for sending that link my way!
▶ Ila: Thank you for that sweet comment! made me very happy! you can make blogger do great things if you are not affraid to play around a bit with the html :)
Louise: We did indeed!
▶ underwerket: Og du laver fiiiiine ting! tak!



i think one of the reasons why Göteborg felt so comfortable was that it in a way felt like a mix between berlin and reykjavik -but with the bonus of sweet swedes!

▶ everyone: Thank you for your music tips! keep them coming! -even if you can't make it to Trailerpark Festival -but if you do comment, but can't use the tickets please make a note of it!
Malin: Yeah it seemed like such a peoplefriendly city somehow
▶ Lisen: tak tak
irene: it was my first visit too, but we have actually talked about living there
▶ Lili: hmm maybe "Din Nye Ven" in the innercity or if he is looking for hipsters he should visit Kødbyen
Tschau Tscüssi: oh, what luck!
▶ Maria: ..and i have even more göteborg photos to share so stay tuned
Jesús: gracias
▶ Camilla: Tænk ikke på det :) Jeg kender godt rejsetræthed! Siger til næste gang vi kommer forbi din fine by!