and the winner is + Bakken

1. the summer pictures i showed you before our Göteborg trip were from a friends parents' house where we stayed for a week while they were away. As you saw it was paradise and really close to an animal park and the amusement park Bakken. I have never visited it before - and don't think i will be going back any time soon - but it was quite the experience and we ate bøfsandwich and soft ice.

2. The winner of TWO tickets to all three days of Trailerpark Festival by lucky draw is...... YOUNG from the blog Half girl! Congratulations! im a only a little bit jealous..
Thank you for all the great music suggestions and for playing along!!

▶ Jokemijn: indeed!
Irene: thank you - and yeah, the food was delicious, even though pizza and sushi isn't very scandinavian :)
▶ Schorlemädchen: non of the people i told understood why we were going there instead of stockholm but i knew i would feel at home there!
Priscila: Thank you! i will stop by your blog - it sounds interesting with the magazine!
▶ Mei: Thank you so much!
Sopchan: Im think that all bloggers all over the world look alike :)
▶ Whitney: yeah, there was a huuuuge park just behind our hostel! it was great
Lisen: Shes the only one who knows how to pose!
▶ Katrine: :) Elgen var bag hegn i dyrehaven i Slottsskogen -rigtig fedt at se en egl, men jeg ville også gerne møde en i skoven engang!


lisen said...

haha BAKKEN! How wonderful! Last month I found an oooold video with memories from that place... a videocamera we had when I was a kid. SO funny to watch! The whole family in a big spinning coffee-cup etc, hahaha!

emma said...

i remember bakken as well, -i like these photos, makes one remember ..! and now i must go buy myself a soft ice, some day, oh man it was years ago since i ate one. YUM!

young said...

Hurraaaa, tusind tak, Mette!