last week

last week we watched Dirch Passer movies with our friend Louise and Elinor's grandmother stopped by.

▶ Malene: ja simple og fine
Ida Nielsen: Jeg faldt også straks for dem -godt jeg havde elinor med som undskyldning
▶ Kickcan and Conkers: Exactly! we have some ikea plastic cups for making a tower -they were dead cheap and are Elinors favourite toy
Henrik: Thank you for the tip :)
▶ Jokemijn: me too -im so happy to be apart of that project!
Asphalt..: My pleasure
▶ Ninja Hanna: We don't but i stop by Lagerhaus everytime we are in malmö and we have a teatowel with the shoeprint! like it alot!


Pernille Josephine Meldal said...

Hvor sjovt. Det er jo den bedste film. Susse er så fin! Godt valg!

Tilda B. Hervé said...

so funny! i read it last week on your blog that you will build a little 'house' in your flat. then i found this link today and thought, 'mhh, this could be an inspiration for you... small world ;-)

MUS said...

beautiful last picture with beautiful woman.

DoreDoris said...

Vad fint med tvn på en tavellist! Sitter den fast i väggen eller står den endast lutad mor väggen? (hoppas du förstår svenska)