Sometimes you find yourself playing right into the stereotype you sort of hope to avoid -for me that stereotype would be "mummy on maternity leave" - you know that way too politically correct mum with too much time on her hands who bakes organic spelt bread for the whole family and makes home made jams -you know, the ones that you are just dying to see eat a bigmac! well.. i do in fact bake all the bread we eat and i do use a lot of spelt and if this wasn't for all the sugar in this, i would now be one giant step closer to the stereotype: I made home made NUTELLA! And i tell you it was both easy and exceptionally D E L I C I O U S! I found the recipe on this very friendly danish foodsite.
take 150-200 g of hazelnuts and roast them on a pan or in the oven until the skin cracks and can be removed easily with your fingers -i did it on a frying pan and it did not take many minutes blend the nuts as finely as possible in a food processor (or maybe a coffeegrinder) you have to blend until the hazelnuts almost turns in to a cream themselvesthen you add: 4 tbl spoons of pure cocoa + 2 dl of powdered sugar + a touch of vanilla sugar + 175 grams of butter (i did it all on slump and think i used a little less butter and sugar and maybe a little more cocoa) blend until the butter turns soft and it becomes a delicious thick cream. DONE! Finito! spread it on a roasted half rye/half wheat bread and tell Elinor she can't have any until she turns 14

▶ When Skies are..: i know -i could wear them every day for another year and i wouldn't mind it
Zelda: thank you
▶ Malene: Tusind tak for prisen! den er jeg glad for!
Lisen: Im really bad at wearing summer clothes! i always wear jeans and jackets all summer, im not sure why..
▶ Saga: oh thank you for that sweet illustration!


sandra said...

hahaha! (the last sentence). looks superdelicious. i'm coming over ;)

young said...

Jeg er vild med dine madposts! Det er god inspiration :)

Minna said...

Hahhaaa, I love this post. Nutella was my teenage favorite.

Tiffany said...

I love crunchy peanut butter, and I like that your Nutella looks crunchy too!

Corinne said...

WOW! Looks delicious!
I also want to say I love your blog, its one of my daily reads now. I recently moved to Copenhagen and I have found some inspiration in your pages. Like, yesterday, I cycled to Amager and the beach... I got lost in the process, but it was a sunny day so I didnt mind :)
Have a great weekend, and enjoy the homemade Nutella!

lisen said...

haha, :) oh, the nutella looks like a hit! do I dare to try it...!? can one become addicted? yes? I guess? mmm!

stuffedmice said...

ha ha ha, i live surrounded by women on maternity leave. good reminders of what the alternative could be (and kick towards the opposite direction). glad you keep up your "sometimes":) i don't like nutella but looks great!

Elizabeth Johnson said...

I absolutely LOVE Nutella. So, so much! I have never thought to make it before, but it might be a good idea, because it is actually quite expensive in the store. Looks like you did a great job! Yum!