i think one of the reasons why Göteborg felt so comfortable was that it in a way felt like a mix between berlin and reykjavik -but with the bonus of sweet swedes!

▶ everyone: Thank you for your music tips! keep them coming! -even if you can't make it to Trailerpark Festival -but if you do comment, but can't use the tickets please make a note of it!
Malin: Yeah it seemed like such a peoplefriendly city somehow
▶ Lisen: tak tak
irene: it was my first visit too, but we have actually talked about living there
▶ Lili: hmm maybe "Din Nye Ven" in the innercity or if he is looking for hipsters he should visit Kødbyen
Tschau Tscüssi: oh, what luck!
▶ Maria: ..and i have even more göteborg photos to share so stay tuned
Jesús: gracias
▶ Camilla: Tænk ikke på det :) Jeg kender godt rejsetræthed! Siger til næste gang vi kommer forbi din fine by!


irene said...

oh this pizza looks delicious. and the sign is funny :)

lisen said...

I love places where they put out a bowl with water for the dogs!!

lundt said...

hello! something completely different, but I had to think of your blog (which I really like), when I dicovered this one:
<3 lundt

ila said...

1. those are some EPIC antlers.
2. i can't believe that this blog is a BLOGGER blog. beautiful, whimsy template.
3. i think i'm in love.

louise said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time.

underwerket / Lisa Grue said...

you got an inspiring blog.
hilsner Lisa

jokemijn said...

scary bergspromenaden :)

schorlemädchen said...

oh such wonderful images..I have been in Gothenburg 3 years ago..and I have such great is a great place