Rasmus Tee

Its been over a year since i found and told you about the creative Trine Trampoline and her wonderful illustrations. And in that year Trine has been blogging here and creating a supercool line of T-shirts called Rasmus Tee. So as you can imagine, i was very very happy when she sent me the cool -and triangle appropriate- Diamond shirt from the collection! You can find them here and in one of my favourite shops as well

Stephanie: Im so glad that other people get me :)
▶ Pernille: Ja, jeg er egentlig ikke en dansk-folkekomedie-buff men Charles Tante er omtrent en af de bedste film der findes
Tilda: Im so glad you posted it because its just the kind of thing i want to build -only our place is not 6 meters to the ceiling of course :) But it is really great inspiration!
▶ Kelsey: Im so glad you like it here!


Kickcan and Conkers said...

Love the black diamond one!

schorlem├Ądchen said...

wow..this is a GREAT tshirt..wonderful...and fits to you ; )

Bombay Beauty said...

Just read your pizza guide! Many thanks! Will try this as soon as I get home... Another 4 weeks! bb