telling time

As soon as i saw Misako Mimoko's fake porcelain watches i knew i had to have one - Whats more perfect than to have a fake watch collection!? I love telling fake time! it makes for lazy days + I love it when the package is as delightful as whats inside!

Sandra: I will bring you a taste when i visit Göteborg in a few weeks!
▶ Young: Tak! Hjemmelavet nutella er en madoplevelse man ikke skal snyde sig selv for.
Minna: Home made nutella is the adult version - it tastes almost exactly the same!
▶ Tiffany: Yeah i like that it has a crunch - you could blend the nuts in different degrees so it would both be smooth and crunchy!
Steph: That sounds like a crazy pizza! and there is no reason for store bought dough -even if you don't have time for the whole process you can easily make a good one quicker
▶ Corinne: Oh thank you so much! im so glad you ventured to Amager and got lost! the beach is crazy today so i totally prefer places like Sundby Kirkegård.
A merry mishap: thank you for the sweet comments - i used this guide for making gifs!
▶ Emma: that is exactly my dilemma: love clothes - have A LOT of it - love wearing the same!
Lisen: you definitely need the number to the nutella-rehap center on speed dial!
▶ Stuffedmice: i make sure to eat a quarter pounder every once in a while!
Mieke Willems: i love having two of a good piece of clothes! it feels both a bit stupid but also very very good!
▶ Elizabeth Johnson: I never thought of making it either until i looked at the ingredients and thought to my self that it seemed quite simple!  And it really was! im doing it from now on!


Maria said...

so great!
and i havent been checking your blog for some days now but I see that you've posted the pizza guide, yeeeah;D tack!! have a great saturday evening:)

lina said...

oh how nice. the packaging is adorable! what cute little characters.

emma said...

NICE! and a great collection you've got there already.
great to set your own time and say: THIS is the time for XXXX!
and then, your fake watch ALWAYS tells you that it is time for XXXX. (wich is something good ofcourse)

that kate said...

Wowee. That is one great watch and that is some extra special packaging!

gracia said...

A fake watch seems so deliciously summer... and I, like you, wear jeans all summer long too. Unless, of course, it hits 40C.

Happy days to you, g

louise said...

Watches look terrific. I love this as a collection idea. xo lj

mala said...

really cute bracelet with the watch!

asphaltandair said...

*love* the timeless watch.
*need* one!
thanks for making me lusty to buy something : )

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! Just found your blog and think its amazing :)

Frøken Garsdal said...

fantastisk blog! Glæder mig til at følge den fremover!