you were all so sweet to notice my shoes the other day so i thought i would do a little post about clothes. I like fashion - always have - but its a dilemma because im also a big fan of uniforms -not the kind soldiers or postal workers wear, but the kind that come about when you find the right look and stick with it - Royal Tenenbaums' style! And so ever since i got my favourite Eley Kishimoto shoes i have been wearing my "uniform" of the shoes combined with slim blue jeans, a black shirt and my grey wool coat. When spring came around and i had been wearing the Eley Kishimoto shoes every single day for over six months (through an ice winter, mind you) i went looking for my spring/summer uniform - i was so happy when i found these vintage Ellesse white and yellow beauties in the shop Time's up! The grey wool coat was replaced with a trench coat from Zara and voila, my summer uniform: Ellesse shoes, slim blue jeans and a trench coat :)

▶ Everyone: thank you for all the delicious pizza suggestions! im surely gonna try them! here is one more: goat cheese drizzled with a little honey and cherry tomatoes! yum! And another tip: If you don't have a pizza stone i recommend baking the crust alone for 4-5 minutes before adding any toppings!
Lisen: ha ha how creepy would that dentist be if he posted pictures of his patients on facebook :)
▶ Lina: I get so happy when i see them!
Sarah: Thats for sure - i see so many kids where its just obvious that the parents are way to much in control -and then i think of my childhood where i was allowed to wear pretty much what i wanted - totally the better strategy even if it makes for some weird phases
▶ Lea: how funny that you noticed them too!
Sopchan: i don't quite know what to call it but its a self-adhesive folio that i buy in paint stores or book stores
▶ Emma: yep! they know what's important!
Katrine: :)
▶ And A: thank you for the sweet comment - i use an Olympus 510 dslr!


when skies are grey said...

Love your winter shoes, your feet must have been frozen! But worth it to look so cool :)

Zelda was a writer said...

wonderful post!!!
baci from italy

Malene said...

Du har altså også bare de mest misundelsesværdige sko :)
Jeg har forresten givet en "award" videre til dig. Om du gider bøvle med at sende den videre er op til dig, men du skal i hvert fald have én fra mig. Det har du fortjent. Jeg nyder at følge med her hos dig :)

lisen said...

love it! so fresh and the shoes are fantastic! wanna see more fashion here :D

I do also love clothes..always have..too. And colours.

I love different kinds of styles and I love that you're allowed to change style from day to day iwith such a simple thing. Right now I'm only into summer-dresses!

A Merry Mishap said...

Oh, I love your yellow shoes!!

emma said...

They are like MARÄNG & CITRON! :)
Lovley ones! Love them.
And I love clothes too... it is so much fun, even though I also like to dress my self "the same way" some times, as in a "uniform". Safe cards, so to speak.
Hm, is that a bit complex after all? I mean, to love clothes and at the same time "just" wear a uniform..?

mieke willems said...

yes yes! brilliant post! we also love uniforms, the both of us. we wear the same very often, and sometimes buy things even twice!

stephanie renee said...

lovely post, i am all about the uniform too!