Yesterday we visited the opening of the exhibition YES/NO -a subjective definition of synergy at Kastrupgårdsamlingen. Some friends of mine put it all together and even participated and besides being a beautiful evening with sweet people and music the exhibition was really interesting! 29 different artists and a very diverse visual expression. Worth a visit for sure! the exhibition runs until the 30th!

▶ Johanna: :) tusind tak!
Lisen: oh how cool that you have been there! im SO bad at amusementparks! we will have to find somebody else to take elinor there when she is older!
▶ Ms. L: ha ha -thats one scary bunny!!
Sandra: I think its so funny that even when we talk about how Dennis and Johan could be brothers i didn't for a second think about how much we look alike! Rufus is a happy dog now!
▶ frk garsdal: Tak skal du have! er glad for at du vil læse med!
Ida: Tak for tippet!
▶ Emma: Go get a soft ice! right now! either with chocolate sprinkles or with real chocolate!
Young: Hurra! armbåndene er på vej!


Walter Helena said...

Your photos are so full of life! Thank you for sharing :)

I'm having a giveaway on my blog for an original giclee fine art print ... and would love for you to enter (if you like it, that is!)


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