Flowers from friends and gifts from Japan! Two of our friends have been travelling around Japan for five weeks and are finally home! Have missed them A LOT! they brought plenty of koala cookies, coffee jelly, alphabet stamps and a moving piece of nigiri for Elinor :) Goodness. Last night we had all you can eat running sushi. I can't remember the last time i was so full

▶ Maja B: Tak!
Bykirabo: Ja, det er også en af mine yndlingsting ved lejligheden!
▶ Katrine: det var det også lidt :)
B: Surt! glæder mig til vi snart ses
▶ Nidhi: i love it when she leans out to look at something
Fábio: Thank you - so sweet
▶ Millo: Ja, de er ret fantastiske
Lisen & Gustav: Hurra Hurra for Lisen & Gustav
▶ Danielle: Thank you so much - don't be shy! keep commenting!
Maria: D and I don't agree on the living room so its still in limbo
▶ schorlemädchen: ;)
Bonjour Juliette: Thank you - i love reinventing but at the same time i love how everything is
▶ Julie: Tak! Tror ikke jeg kan sige nogle bestemte butikker - det vigtigste er at vælge hver eneste ting for sig, så man får en helt personlig blanding. Hay er et godt sted at finde flotte, nye ting, men ellers er det arveting, hjemmebygget og genbrug! Lampen er købt i ROOM som vist er gået konkurs
Kate: Thank you!


sneak peek

Here is a sneak peek of some of the rearranging we have been doing this summer. The living room is still not as it should but we are really happy with the dining table in the kitchen.

▶ Sofie: Yes it is! and i hope so too -it can't just disappear!! i really don't understand it..


Buttcrack Characters

The stripy fella in the background came home with us when we visited Sandra and Johan in Göteborg. He likes to hang out in the kitchen. Sandra has a new blog. We are moving our stuff around. I won this giveaway from danish illustrator Lisa Grue a while back but seem to have lost the beautiful print!! i simply cannot find it!! What to do? Move more stuff around - maybe then i will find it behind a bookcase or in Rufus cave perhaps! (i want one of Lisa's plates and Johan's sailors for my birthday!)

▶ Liv: Thank you so much for the sweet comment - i will look up that book once if finish these two :9
Ohh happy: uhh er mynte nem? det kunne være jeg skulle prøve det. Jeg har ind til videre kun kunne holde sukkulenter i live -dem må man nemlig gerne glemme at vande
▶ kadhysign: how sweet
Sofie: I have seen something like that -and also a variant where you tangle out the actual roots and put them in the water. Maybe special equipment is required
▶ Young: Sejt! Det kan du godt være stolt af! Mine har levet i over en uge og jeg er meget meget stolt
Karen: Jeg er totalt multitask-skadet -og P1 er perfekt at multitaske til!! hmm. min hjerne ville sikkert have godt af hvis jeg slukkede for radioen og koncentrerede mig om een ting i stilhed
▶ milk tooth's rain: Thank you for the tips! they have been alive for over a week now! thats a new record for me!
Fine Little Day: I know - i want a cake again!
▶ Nathan: That is the best and very obvious advice given! Do you think the plants like talkradio?
mieke willems: Im with you! cake is good but Elinor is better
▶ Whitney: i need to pick one too! but crime and punishment is such a big book so i can't take it with me everywhere.. i can feel that im ruining it by taking so long breaks. i will just have to pull myself together!


books and

I like books and i like reading and i have no idea why i don't do it more. Maybe because you can't listen to the radio while reading. And i like listening to the radio. Im reading Crime and Punishment (Dostojevskij) simultaneously with Great Expectations (Dickens) which i am reading on my iphone. It might take years. many many years. On a greener note im trying to grow my own herbs. Or maybe just not have them dying to quickly. Any tips?

▶ Nath: Then you do not know how easy it is! at least this danish styled birthdaycake. I will do a guide. soon.
Wide-eyed: It disappeared so quickly
▶ Ella: No, i actually don't think so. She is too quiet
Sandra: The cake is GONE, D is happy too and giggling is good!
▶ Jana: D is the one who should be credited for that photo!
Ohh happy: Sejt!
▶ BawkBawk: Its great when you realise you are surrounded by cuteness
jokemijn: The cake actually IS Elinor - we always call her our little strawberry cake
▶ Irene: I try to keep a diary with little facts about Elinors development. Should update it soon!
La sale bete: Rufus often think Elinor is sort of childish. like a real big brother
▶ Millo: YES
Vanessa: I order you to make a cake! go get the last strawberries of the season!
▶ Emma: I like it very much too. She has been doing it for a long time but now its totally consistent every time rufus is around. She also says Bøhhh but its more of a bh sound and raisins are called rsss
Simon: Its made by danish artist Stine Tranekjær. We have two of her giant posters and i love love love love them! feel so happy when i look at them!
▶ Linda: Ja lige præcis - der er jo altid en eller anden der har fødselsdag, så der er altid en undskyldning. Gjorde det tit da jeg boede hjemme - især hvis jeg var alene hjemme :)
Brit: I just looked at videoclips of Elinor and i can't believe how baby-like her face and movements once were
▶ Tilda: That sounds SO cute!
Katie: Thank you so much for your sweet comment!


layers and layers

The other day i had an incredible craving for a layer cake. Then i remembered that you can just make one if you want!
Elinor has started talking! -no, really! In that cute almost not audible way that only her parents can hear and find interesting: She calls Rufus F (an F sound where she blows air through her lips. Now she just needs the ru and the us part.

▶ Sandra, Kerry: He does feel better know - only sporadic coughing. im grateful that E and I didn't get hit too.
Emma: D went to the doctor after a week and he told him that it was on its way out and he could do anything now, but he was sick for a week after that :(
▶ Bykirabo: Elsker det også, selvom jeg skræmmende nok har svært ved at koncentrere mig en hel film!
Camilla: thank you so much -stop by anytime
▶ La casita de wendy: Im so glad to hear! thank you!
Linda: Det bedste er når aftnerne og morgenerne er mørke nok til sterinlys!
▶ Idabidabum: Ja, det var et ret godt Tiger-stel! elsker også de små skåle!


fall foam

another sign that fall is here: Dennis has been sick for almost two weeks and we have been wathcing movies and drinking hot cocoa with whipped cream in the dark.

B: Sejt! http://www.tattydevine.com
Alaina: Not Elinor :) She is a non-mover! fully content with where she is! Though she does move backwards some times
Jeana Sohn: Im so fascinated by them!
Adeline: I think so too :)



time for some people on this blog as a break from all these things! -but don't worry, i have more stuff to show you later! Fall seems to have hit Copenhagen and im loving the rain - as long as i don't HaVE to go anywhere. School starts next week and except for the fact that we don't have any daycare for Elinor, im eager to get started!

▶ Lauren: thank you very much! -and thank you for stopping by
Maria: Tassels make most days more fun -and Elinor loves them too :)
▶ Irene: they can dress up any outfit
Josephine: Tusind tak! -og alle links er selvfølgelig velkomne!



Don't worry i have more to show you from my summer of spending :) In the early spring Peter Jensen designed a collection for Weekday and i bought the fantastic blue and white-striped tassel t-shirt dress. It has been a favourite of mine since, so when we found ourselves in the middle of summer sales in Göteborg with 75% reductions, well, i bought the t-shirt and the tank-top as well... I do love uniforms after all. (i have added a link to the blog in the end of the post to ease navigation especially in rss readers :))

▶ Lisen: you should never have sent me that link!! as you can gather from my posts lately i have no money left and then you go and show me all that goodness!
Lea: ha ha im very open to that kind of convincing -but i don't really have a photo of me in the dress, so you will have to wait till i wear it again! luckily i think it works very well as an everyday dress too
▶ Sofie: That might be a good way of thinking. I can't get that blue out of my mind really
Stine Marie: I was really surprised at how many good things they had in so may different styles! i mean my sisters and my dress are so beautiful and so different and we tried on many more in the store!
▶ B: Jeg er fortaler for at alle bør eje de sko :)
Bantik: Just send a request on the pinterest site - i don't have any more invitations but you should be able to get in that way :)


more marimekko & minimarket

I have some more minimarket and marimekko from my summer of consuming :) I had been eyeing the 100% silk marimekko dress for a long time and finally bought it - on sale too - when my sister found her dress. I thought it was a perfect way of being connected at the wedding -looking very different but both wearing marimekko. The shoes are from Minimarkets cheaper brand Mini for Many and i bought them on sale in Göteborg. I sometimes think Minimarket are making clothes just for me - but they forgot to ask about my fashion-budget! I wish i could buy every piece of clothes and every shoe and every hat they have ever made, but i will settle for two pairs of shoes.

▶ Alaina, Gracia, Louise: I made my sister choose which picture of her in dress and shoes i should blog and im so glad she chose this one - i love action shots!
Weekdaycarinval: Do it!
▶ Same length pinkies: I know its so unique and i think it works especially well with the softness of the suede!
Amaturecouture: Who knew orange could make you so happy
▶ Sofie: I love that blue of those blue suede shoes! have you seen the zipper flats on sale on tatty devine? -i almost bought them both!
Emma: im glad you could appreciate my story - i felt a little stupid writing it, i mean its just a little shopping story :)
▶ sopchan: My sister lives in the other end of the country (not that far when you live in Denmark, but still) and i love that we can be shoe twins! I think we might have done that before too ;) actually my friend also bought the shoes when i told her about them so now we are shoe triplets!
Lisen: they are made for us because we are made for eachother :)
▶ Jana: The dress has so many good details -for example the strips goes the other way on the back!
AC: Its easy having good taste when you find a dress and shoes like that!
▶ Tiffany: Now you too can start dreaming about all their beautiful designs :)
DoreDoris: :)
▶ Julia Hausfrau: Jeg går faktisk aldrig med hæle, men de her er så små... Køb dem! jeg tror højdeforskel er det nye sort
Nina: Lige præcis!



Some of you asked about my sisters wedding shoes so i will tell you a little story about them (Don't you just love the picture of my sister and her mother in law?). When my sister needed to find at dress to get married in she came to Copenhagen and we went on the expedition together. I will admit that I sort of dreaded it -we had to first find the dress and then shoes and everything else. I thought it would take for ever! But by some sort of strange luck we decided to go into the Marimekko store as only our second stop and here we found the PERFECT dress! white, but not all white - classic and edgy all at once! and on sale too! I have never tried anything like that! We were high on our luck and continued in search of shoes. This almost killed the first excitement. We just couldn't find the right pair! We ended up hungry and grumpy. While we had lunch my sister told me about a pair of shoes she had seen online and when i saw the black, sand and apricot Minimarket suede wonders we both knew they were the perfect balance for the dress! I think she ended up looking SO good!
And then the story continues. I had fallen deeply in love with my sisters wedding shoes! A week after the wedding I stopped by the website and found them on sale. At half price. I called my sister and she ordered me to buy them :) I can't wait for the rain to stop so i can take them out walking!

▶ Everyone: And now for the Pinterest-invite-winners by random draw: A Merry Mishap, Millo, Anne Kristine and Kerry! Send me your email-addresses! -and for everyone else, i just requested an invite on the site and got it so i guess the rest of you can just do that :)



I like things. My stuff means a lot to me even if its "just" things. Im gonna show you some of my summer buys. Thanks to the inspirations of the great finnish blog Varpunen i have gone sort of pop-up crazy. These are three very different and very amazing in their own way-pop-up books: ABC3D, Trail and 600 black spots.

▶ Everyone: I will draw the four pinterest-invite-names tomorrow (wednesday)!
Emma: Yep, little Ivan will soon be 2 years old! -i got a dentist appointment tomorrow..
▶ Lea: Thanks for plum-tip!
Fenke: I have been wanting the white one for some time and then i found this black one on sale in the swedish store Lagerhaus!
▶ Jana: result: plums are only good if they are really really ripe without being too ripe!
Irene: you will be surprised how much old aunties will go along with when they see how happy it makes you :)
▶ Katrine: Jep, kaninen var en gave -nok mest til Ivan :)
Whitney: It was a wedding gift for my nephew and it really made me want one too... maybe i can have one in the attic...
▶ Brooklyn codger: :)