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I like books and i like reading and i have no idea why i don't do it more. Maybe because you can't listen to the radio while reading. And i like listening to the radio. Im reading Crime and Punishment (Dostojevskij) simultaneously with Great Expectations (Dickens) which i am reading on my iphone. It might take years. many many years. On a greener note im trying to grow my own herbs. Or maybe just not have them dying to quickly. Any tips?

▶ Nath: Then you do not know how easy it is! at least this danish styled birthdaycake. I will do a guide. soon.
Wide-eyed: It disappeared so quickly
▶ Ella: No, i actually don't think so. She is too quiet
Sandra: The cake is GONE, D is happy too and giggling is good!
▶ Jana: D is the one who should be credited for that photo!
Ohh happy: Sejt!
▶ BawkBawk: Its great when you realise you are surrounded by cuteness
jokemijn: The cake actually IS Elinor - we always call her our little strawberry cake
▶ Irene: I try to keep a diary with little facts about Elinors development. Should update it soon!
La sale bete: Rufus often think Elinor is sort of childish. like a real big brother
▶ Millo: YES
Vanessa: I order you to make a cake! go get the last strawberries of the season!
▶ Emma: I like it very much too. She has been doing it for a long time but now its totally consistent every time rufus is around. She also says Bøhhh but its more of a bh sound and raisins are called rsss
Simon: Its made by danish artist Stine Tranekjær. We have two of her giant posters and i love love love love them! feel so happy when i look at them!
▶ Linda: Ja lige præcis - der er jo altid en eller anden der har fødselsdag, så der er altid en undskyldning. Gjorde det tit da jeg boede hjemme - især hvis jeg var alene hjemme :)
Brit: I just looked at videoclips of Elinor and i can't believe how baby-like her face and movements once were
▶ Tilda: That sounds SO cute!
Katie: Thank you so much for your sweet comment!


liv said...

if you read great expectations right not, try mister pip by lloyd jones afterwards... a fascinating book!
and i love your blog! i started to follow it a while ago and it turned into a daily inspiration for me. thanks for "enriching" my daily life in such a colorful way! :)

Anonymous said...

Jeg har god erfaring med at huske at vande mine krydderurter- det virker de til at være glade for ;). Men det er så svært at huske... Har gså hørt om nogle, der taler med deres planter. Så nej, jeg har desværre ingen brugbare råd :/, kan ikke holde andet end mynte i live.

kadhysign said...

i'm just addicted to your pics!

sofie said...

there's these specialised herb pots that give exactly the right amount of water everyday so they don't die too quickly : )
i don't know where you'd get them in denmark but it actually comes down to a little pot where you put the herbs in that has a hole in it on the bottom, on top of another pot where you put water in, and a thick piece of rope that goes through the hole, right into the water, so it functions as some sort of root that sips just enough water for the plant : )

young said...

jeg spurgte om det samme på min blog for næsten et år siden, og har nu haft den samme basilikumplante siden december! Jeg er meget stolt af mig selv!
Masser af sol og vand, ihvertfald til basilikum.
Held og lykke! Det er så rart at have krydderurter!

Karen said...

Jeg har det på fuldstændig samme måde. Elsker at høre p1 og får derfor heller ikke læst så meget, men bliver altid bidt af at læse, når jeg starter på en god bog.
Kh Karen

milk tooth's rain said...

tips for your herbs: light (a lot of) and water, the biggest they are the bigger vase they need...

Nathan said...

Read to your plants daily. This will help them grow strong and feel loved and help you finish your books!

whitney said...

it took me a year and a half to finish crime & punishment. i think i ruined a lot of the suspense by taking so long to read it, but i did love it nonetheless.

i always wonder why i don't read more too. i'm in the middle of 'catch 22' and 'franny and zooey.' i need to pick just one i think, because i keep getting really confused when i start reading.